Monthly Favorites – September

September Monthly Favorites – This time, I’ve got a beauty pick, fantastic flats for fall & winter, an organization go-to, books, podcasts, and a new monthly superlatives feature at the end!

Emily of One Lovely Life applying mascara

My outfit: ruffle neck sweater (scored on sale at the end of last year. It’s back, with more colors!) // Frayed hem high waisted jeans

Friends! It’s monthly favorites time! I’m doing it a bit early this month since I’ve got a fun master bedroom reveal coming next week (with ALL the details!). This time, I’ve got a beauty pick, fantastic flats for fall & winter, some organization hacks, books, podcasts, and a new feature at the end!

Let’s jump in!

The Lifting, Lengthening Mascara I’m Using

I’ve used lots of different mascaras, and have had several questions lately about this one. I love the way it lifts and lengthens so well. I always feel so much more awake when it’s on! It’s vegan, free of parabens and phthalates, and lasts pretty darn well. I buy a new tube every 2.5 months or so. (It also comes in waterproof if that’s your jam.)

You can see in the picture above, it really lifts those lashes!

Child choosing a granola bar from a basket of snacks on the counter

The Baskets I use for ALL The Things. 

These white Y-weave baskets are my go-to all over my house. I pick them up when they’re on sale (they’re on sale now!) and use them ALL over the place. For instance:

  • I group like items together in my pantry (baking items, flours, dried nuts & fruit, etc.)
  • We keep them in our closets to manage everything from accessories to batteries and lightbulbs.
  • I use narrow ones under my sink to hold hair supplies
  • We have deep ones in our playroom to hold toys and in our hall closet to manage shoes, hats, and gloves
  • And we even have a thin version for organizing some of our drawers.

3 pairs of shoes lined up on a bench.

Some Fantastic Flats

It was my birthday this month (yay!) and I celebrated by picking out a few pairs of flats for the fall and winter. I LOVE THEM.

A collage of favorite things--J Crew sweater, Tarte mascara, Old Navy and Target flats, podcasts

A Good Book (or Three)

I’ve been plowing through audiobooks since my kids have been back in school and really enjoyed Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow (which has a fun Harry Potter-type vibe but isn’t trying to be Harry Potter), and the Sherry Thomas Lady Sherlock series, which has a fun female-cast Sherlock spin to it. I read the first and second ones, and I’m SO excited for the third one to come out October 2nd.

New Podcasts to Listen To!

  • My friend Jen just launched a Real Life, On Purpose podcast. The first few episodes are great! She and I have similar tastes in podcasts, so I can only imagine the next many episodes will be great, too.
  • I’m also enjoying Miranda’s Live Free Podcast, which is a great resource for creativity, minimalism, and intentional living.
  • Lastly, Kristin of Live Simply just launched Live Simply, The Podcast, a fabulous healthy eating resource that covers all sorts of concepts–from what it means to eat real food, ideas for tackling picky eating, and so much more. Kristin always puts out INCREDIBLE quality work, and so far, I’ve been mega-impressed.

Basket of Gluten Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Monthly Superlatives:

I though it’d be fun to call out what YOU guys are loving most this month:

  • Most Popular Post: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins have been the crowd favorite! (I get it–they’re Milo’s favorite food on earth!)
  • Most Popular IG Photo: This tip about keeping a “lunches & snacks” basket in the fridge and pantry with easy to grab items. Our fridge has washed/cut produce, sandwich fixings, muffins, etc. This post shares a bit of our pantry basket.
  • Most Watched FB Video: Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal is coming in hot! This make-ahead breakfast is perfect this time of year. (And it makes your house smell amaaaaazing!)

Those are my picks and faves from the month, friends! What are yours? 

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  1. Love, love, love! 💕 Those baskets are a game changer—I have the white ones in my kitchen and bathrooms, gray for my collect-all-the-things basket (that I go through regularly) and the black ones for all of our electronics/entertainment /shoes.

  2. I bought a dozen of those baskets for the new house and need more! Can’t wait to dig into the podcasts, I’m just getting into them, and I’m always on the lookout for cute shoes! Love this post!

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