October Faves

October Faves – Monthly favorites are my fave. Here are a few things we’re loving lately…

The comfiest pants ever, my natural trick for getting plenty of volume in fine hair, a favorite PBS series and more!

1. The comfiest pants of ever.

I’ve been well into the leggings game for years, but at a favorite things party I went to last year, one of my friends brought these pants and RAVED about them. I didn’t end up “winning” them, so I was on the hunt for them for months. They’re always out of stock at my Target, but when I happened to walk past a few weeks ago, I saw that they had every size in stock and jumped on them!

As far as sizing goes, I was debating between two sizes, and ultimately decided to go for the bigger size. If you like your lounge pants to fit a bit more snugly, I’d recommend going true to size or possibly down a size. They stretch out a bit after a wear or two. A wash whips them right back into shape, but I feel a little more “hammer time” on day two, so if you prefer a more snug fit, size down. I have been happy sizing up, but if I ever bought a second pair, I’d probably size down to have one of each (one more slim fit, one more comfy).

2. Sea Salt Spray.

I’m a big Honest Company fan, and I was really excited to see that their beauty line just launched hair care products. I want to try EVERYTHING, but I picked up their heat protectant spray and their sea salt spray to start. I have a lot of very fine, straight hair, so maintaining volume is always a problem for me. I’ve been really (REALLY, REALLY!) happy with the effect of the sea salt spray. I wasn’t really sure it would do much, but I’ve felt like I have totally different hair since using it. Totally recommend if you’re looking to add a little texture or volume to your hair.

I’ve also been happy with the heat protectant spray, since I curl my hair almost every day, so if you’re looking for a cleaner option there, you may want to give it a try.

 3. Poldark.

Readers of my weekly newsletter will find this is old news, but I’ve been completely sucked in by PBS’s Poldark. I binge watched the first season on Amazon, and I am dying to see the second season. It’s a really well done period drama. I love the casting, the filming locations are gorgeous, and the story has me completely sucked in.

For reference, I also liked Downton Abbey, but thought it was pretty over-dramatic/soap-opera-ish sometimes. That didn’t keep me from watching it, but I think Poldark is more polished. It probably helps that it’s based on a book series, which I’m waiting to get my hands on.

4. Summer Rain Bath Bombs.

We have a nice, big tub in our master bathroom and it’s the first tub I’ve had in my bathroom in about 7 years. I’ve been taking a bath a week, and I’ve LOVED getting to try Epsom salt soaks, bubble baths, and bath bombs. One of my favorites has been these Summer Rain bath bombs. They smell amazing and they fizz for a really long time!

I’m planning a trek to a Lush store to try a few of their bath bombs since I hear they’re the best. These and these sound so good! (Have you tried them? What are your favorites?)

5. Amazing Soy Wax Candles.

First off: I am not a candle person. Other than my beloved Anthropologie candle, I almost never burn anything. But a few weeks ago, I was searching for something at Target and came across an end cap display of these beautiful soy wax candles. They were all earthy or holiday smells, and I couldn’t help but try smelling a few. There were some scents I didn’t care for at all, but there were two that won me over in a second.

The Applewood and Amber feels like something I’d find at Anthropologie. It’s a really beautiful scent–not too flowery or overpowering, just really lovely. The Juniper and Citrus smells like it sounds. It’s kind of like Christmas in a jar, in all the best ways. It’s fresh and crisp and light. They had a bunch of sizes (I got the smallest ones to try), but I’m going to be keeping my eye on this line since I’ve been so impressed. I can’t wait to see what comes out next!

What are you loving lately? 

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  1. I love bath bombs too! When we first moved into our house over them summer I was on a strict three bath a week regimen for a while! I actually made bath bombs last year and they turned out great! It could be a fun project for you to do with your kiddos!

  2. LOVE LOVE Poldark!! Second season is available on PBS website streaming. Just watched the third episode this week (comes out the Monday after it airs on PBS on TV on Sundays). Do a web search for PBS and poldark and you should find it!

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