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Our Experience with Raddish Kids (+Coupon Code!)

Raddish Kids is the perfect kids subscription box. Come see why it’s a great experience gift or activity for summer break & don’t miss our coupon code below! 

Little girl holding a Raddish Kids recipe card and Rainbow Fruit Tartlet

(Note: This post isn’t sponsored. I’m just a MEGA fan of Raddish Kids and think lots of you will be, too! Use code LOVELY at checkout for $10 off a 6-month membership or $20 off a 12-month membership)

In the last few years, our gifting has moved toward experience gifts. While I love a good toy, game, or book (and we totally give those), I love getting to choose a gift or experience we can do together even more. The older Sophie gets, the less interested she is in toys, so this approach seems to work better and better the older she gets.

Sophie’s always been my tiny kitchen buddy. Even during the most challenging phases of babyhood, she’s loved being in the kitchen with me, whether she was strapped in a baby carrier, standing on a stool, or sitting on the counter. She loves the process as much as I do!

We gave her a Raddish Kids subscription for Christmas, then renewed it for her birthday, and it’s been the BEST. GIFT. EVER. We’ve had her subscription for 5 months now, and I wanted to share why we love it so much. (Plus, I’ve got a coupon code you can use if you want to try it!)

Child mixing up sugar cookie crust for Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Little Girl Making Rainbow Fruit Tarts with a Reddish Kids Recipe Child packing sugar cookie crust into mini silicone tart pans. Raddish Kids Rainbow Fruit Tarts with a recipe card

What is Raddish Kids? (+ Why We Love it)

RADDISH KIDS IS A KIDS COOKING SUBSCRIPTION/CLUB. It’s made with kids ages 4-14+ in mind, but can be adapted if you’re willing to be patient with younger cooks. Each month, you get a box sent to you in the mail centered around a theme. Topics range from seasonal (like “fireside feast” during the winter), to global cuisine (“Taste of Thailand” & “Le French Cafe”), to holidays (Valentine’s Day = “Family Date Night”), to creative or science-based themes, etc.

THERE ARE ALLERGY FRIENDLY OPTIONS. Almost every recipe has allergy friendly options online in their “Bonus Bites” section. They cover vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, egg free, dairy free diets, and often include nut-free options. If a recipe can’t be adapted to fit allergies, they sometimes provide a separate comparable recipe. We’ve been able to make everything from gluten & dairy free cream puffs to rainbow fruit tartlets and more without any trouble as a gluten & dairy free family.

IT’S EDUCATIONAL. Not only do you learn different cooking techniques and kitchen skills, but there are also lessons embedded in the cards about everything from math, to geography, to science and history. You’re not just learning recipes, you’re learning so much more! I especially love that you often get to learn about different countries throughout the world. Check out their Bonus Bites Activities section with crafts, games, and extra learning opportunities each month.

PS – I often check out books from the library that go with the monthly theme, or we’ll watch a movie that matches the theme. Raddish Kids even provides lesson plans you can use as part of homeschool curriculum you can use to expand each section. (We’re not homeschoolers, and I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I think the idea is awesome!) 

IT’S GREAT FOR PICKY EATERS. Our experience with feeding therapy taught us that kids who are involved in choosing and preparing the meals are more likely to try those foods. I’ve got two picky eaters and both kids have tried (even if they didn’t end up *loving*) every recipe so far.

A Look inside a Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Box Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription - Illustrated Recipe Cards Raddish Kids Illustrated Recipe Cards with Step-by-Step Instructions

What Do You Get in Each Raddish Kids Box?

I’m amazed by just how much they’re able to pack in such each box. There’s plenty of content to last you a month, but not so much to be overwhelming. Here’s what’s inside a typical box:

  • 3 Fully-Illustrated, laminated recipe cards with step-by-step instructions
  • 3 Kitchen/Culinary Skill Cards – These teach new cooking techniques, or include the lessons from other subjects, like kitchen math, history, science, etc.
  • A shopping list. No food is included, so you can make the recipes on a timetable that works for you. This also keeps the kits more affordable, and allows you freedom to make substitutions for allergies or dietary needs.
  • A full-size kitchen tool (whisks, tartlet pans, slicers, pastry bags, etc.)
  • An iron-on collectible badge you add to an apron when you complete each box
  • Fun Extras, like table talk conversation starter cards, fun facts about a country around the world, games, DIY craft ideas, etc.

Their newsletter also includes extras like YouTube videos, bonus recipes, fun activities, playlists to cook to and more.

Kitchen Tools from Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Collectible Iron-on Patches

FAQ + Extras + Add-Ons + Bonuses

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Month to month memberships (at the time of this writing) are $24 per month, but the price goes down with extended memberships. 6-month memberships end up being $22 per month, and 12-month memberships take it down to $20 per month. But….

DISCOUNT CODE!!! I was able to get a discount code for you guys, which helps. Use code LOVELY to get $10 off a 6-month membership or $20 off a 12-month membership. You can sign up here

EXTRAS FOR SIBLINGS. If you’ve got more than one child in the kitchen with you, you can order and extra patch and kitchen tool for $5 per month. You can also order extra aprons when you sign up.

SINGLE BOXES. If you want to give a box as a gift, or try it for just one month, you can buy single kits, which are “vintage” kits from previous months. We’ve picked up a few for Sophie’s birthday to tackle over the summer. (Note: if you’re thinking of getting a few, it’s often cheaper to buy a membership)

THEIR FREE NEWSLETTER includes exclusive discounts on previous kits, “bonus bites” activities and extra recipes.

Raddish Kids Rainbow Fruit Tartlets Little girl holding a Raddish Kids Rainbow Fruit Tartlet

Have a question?

We’ve loved our subscription and think many of you would, too, whether that’s for birthdays, holidays, or a fun idea for summer vacation. If you have any questions before buying, I’m happy to answer them!

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Collage of images with Raddish Kids Subscription Little girl holding a Raddish Kids recipe card and Rainbow Fruit Tartlet


  1. I just ordered our subscription—I told you II couldn’t resist anything your littles are “selling!” Maybe we’ll get a decent meal around these parts (hoping to tap into into some heretofore hidden talents…no pressure, Son)! And thanks to your magic code, the binder was free!

  2. I’m interested in purchasing but feel that getting only 3 recipes per month isn’t worth it. What are your thoughts on that number?

    1. Anita – Especially if you’re buying it with a coupon code, I do feel like the price is totally worth it for us. You’re getting at least 3 recipes a month (in June, we got 5 recipes), plus a kitchen tool, collectible patch, and extra activities. They often include a bonus recipe in their newsletter for subscribers, or bonus activities and extras.

      We love the recipes, but also love all the other bonuses–the lessons on culinary skills, info about countries around the world, fun extra games, science experiments, challenges, etc. Much of their curriculum is developed by teachers and educators and it’s really well put together, in my opinion.

      For us, it’s been worth every penny, and I just renewed our subscription for another 6 months. We love it!

  3. This looks amazing!!! My eldest son Logan is not quite old enough but he loves being in the kitchen with me and I can see him for sure loving this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Do you find that there are a lot of ready made ingredients? A lot of kid recipe books have so many ingredients that are ready made (like ready made pie crusts, or a sauce from a jar). I like from scratch things and out of necessity (we live on and off abroad), I can’t buy many ready made things. What are the ingredients like?

    1. Heather – I know what you mean! I’ve found it’s very much made from scratch. There’ll be spices, fresh ingredients, pantry staples (flour, sugar, oil, baking powder, etc.) and occasionally something like salsa, but not a lot of pre-made sauces or ready-made items.

      They teach you how to make things like the crusts, doughs, and sauces. I love it!

  5. Where do you put, what do you do with the badges if not to put them on the apron? We have a cute apron that we love too so we don’t use the radish one. Just curious if you had any creative ideas! 🙂

    1. Great question! My daughter loves pinning them on her bulletin board, but some friends have put theirs in a scrapbook, or stitched them onto a backpack (not all backbacks are made from iron-safe material, so sewing can be a better option).

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