Sophie’s Confetti Bedroom

Sophie’s Confetti Bedroom – We gave Sophie’s room a little update! With bright whites, and plenty of color sprinkled throughout, it’s sweet as can be! 

Confetti Polka Dot Walls and Bright pops of color make this such a happy little girl's room! (Love the pink, yellow, and aqua accents!)
Sophie likes spending time in her room. She’s a girl who learned at an EARLY age to say “I need a break!” when she’s stressed out, overdone, or just wants to work on something without an adoring audience. (I’m not naming names, but her audience’s name rhymes with “Smile-Oh.”)

All that to say, Sophie’s room is much more to her than where she sleeps. Milo doesn’t love being alone in his room–he’d much rather play in the playroom or follow someone around, but Sophie uses her room as her special place.

She reads, she writes, draws, and does projects. She curls up for some quiet, arranges her collections, and sets up games with her stuffed animals. We weren’t planning to update her room quite so much, but when I got started on Milo’s black and white room, things just sort of snowballed.

Here’s how it went down…

Don't you LOVE these confetti wall dots from @urbanwalls? They're so bright and happy (plus, they're removable and so easy to install!)
It all started with wall decals. The kids’ rooms are a Jack and Jill bedroom/bathroom situation that’s been a PERFECT fit for us. But when I decided to add some wall decals in Milo’s room, it was sort of an “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” scenario. I suddenly wanted to put something fun in Sophie’s room too!


I ‘d been looking at these triangle wall decals for Milo’s room and saw these cute confetti dots from Urban Walls. Instantly, I knew they’d be the perfect thing. I bought some using a discount from Urban Walls, and we installed them over the course of a couple weekends. Milo’s triangles were a very precise operation, so Michael helped measure and install them in a nice, crisp way. Overall, I’d say Milo’s room took him about 4 or so hours over a few days to complete the project with the measuring and leveling.

The confetti dots couldn’t have been easier. They’re made from removable peel-and-stick vinyl, which makes them perfect for renters and people like me who change their minds a lot. I wanted a more random “sprinkled” look (they ARE confetti dots after all), so one afternoon, Michael and I just walked in and did it. Start to finish, we were done in less than an hour. We’d do a few in one color, then switch to another, which helped us get a pretty decent color balance throughout the room.

The end effect was SO FUN. She absolutely loved it.

These colorful throw pillows brighten up her room so much! (They're from @beddysbeds!)We SWEAR by this @beddysbeds zippable bedding. Kids can easily make the bed themselves!


As for the rest of the room… it gets VERY different lighting throughout the day. It’s pretty dark first thing, then gets nice and bright and light for a few hours, then it’s yellow and increasingly dim as the day wears on. I wanted to keep things light and bright in there to maximize the light during the day. We kept her white bed (she’s had this for about a year and a half), and went with white Beddy’s bedding (read all about why I love them here), a white desk, white dresser, and kept her walls white.

Leaning on white and light colors, I didn’t want her room to feel too stark, so I started looking for some fun embellishments and smaller details we could bring in to add some fun and color to the room. First up were some bright throw pillows. Then, I found this fun tassel-trimmed canopy that brings in tiny pops of color and some visual interest, and added a nice little blue lamp for reading.

A fun gallery wall tops off her desk area. The desk is adjustable so it grows with your child! A child-sized desk is perfect for projects, coloring, reading, homework, and play! (This one is height adjustable!)


Since she’s ALWAYS doing projects in her room, we wanted to set up a nice little desk area. I found this adjustable-height desk which I can raise as she gets taller or lower if we pass it down to Milo someday. Then, to kind of mirror the dots on the focus wall, I put up a little gallery wall with some bright prints, this pom-pom garland, and a little cloud shelf. The end result is just what we’d hoped for. It feels light and bright, but far from stark.

We gave Sophie's room a colorful confetti makeover!


We kept the middle of the room open so she has room to spread out when she wants to (which she does often), so even though the furniture arrangement isn’t the most interesting thing in the world and I’m sure a designer would do it differently, we like that she’s still got a few different “zones” in her room. The bed and canopy double as a cozy reading spot, the dresser (which also doubles as a bench) is perfect for arranging all her different “collections,” and the desk is where she can set up shop for all the projects that she loves so much.

I’m still keeping my eyes out for a happy rug to add another layer of color and texture, but I’m having major commitment issues about size and color. (Feel free to offer your suggestions!), and I’m sure we’ll swap out some of the wall art with time, but we are all so in love with this happy space!

We gave Sophie's room a colorful confetti makeover!

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*I received a discount code to use from Urban Walls but purchased the dots myself. All opinions are my own and I wasn’t compensated for or obligated in any way for this post.

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        1. Michelle – Not yet, but we’re going to paint it Simply White. Right now, it’s just our builder-grade standard semi-gloss white (no specific name given).

  1. This room is amazing! My almost-4-year-old is getting a new big girl bed soon, and I am getting excited to update her room from “baby” to “big girl.” It will need to be light and bright to match her personality 🙂 I am definitely looking into that bedding as well!

  2. This looks so perfect for her. Love the pictures of Sophie enjoying her wonderful spaces. She looks so pretty!

    1. Kaitlin – Thanks for your comment! We actually made the heart one a few years ago. Sophie painted with red paint on white paper and when it dried, I cut hearts out of it and glued them onto another piece of paper and popped it in an IKEA frame 🙂

      I meant to link the mermaid one! It’s this one from Target

  3. I know this post is very old, but I remembered it and just now am checking it out to do the same thing for my little girl’s room. Did you just use one pack of 150 dots to do an entire wall? Or did you feel like you needed more?

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