The Best Bedding Ever

The Best Bedding Ever – We fell hard for this amazing Beddy’s bedding. It’s adorable, functional, and made by a mom-run company. We can’t get enough!

Love this modern black and white bedroom for a little boy. The @beddysbeds Dash bedding is so cute!
This post is written in collaboration with Beddy’s. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 

After a peek at Milo’s room yesterday, I wanted to tell you ALL the things about his bedding. I searched high and low for something really cute, high quality (I wanted it to last), and something that would be easy for him to take care of himself.

I’d heard such rave reviews about Beddy’s, a mom-owned company that created their bedding with the goal of making the bed with ease (get it? Bed-ease? Beddy’s?). I wrote to ask some questions and was so impressed by the customer service I wrote again to see if they’d want to work together. I was THRILLED when they did!

Love this Dash bedding from @beddysbeds. It's adorable, functional, and SO comfortable! We LOVE it! Love this Dash bedding from @beddysbeds. It's adorable, functional, and SO comfortable! We LOVE it!
The Beddy’s sets are all-in-one bedding, meaning everything is attached, and it’s no more difficult to set up than putting a fitted sheet on the bed. It’s a fitted sheet, blanket, and comforter all in one. The comforter is backed with super soft minky (often used in baby blankets and great for sensory-sensitive kids). When it needs to be washed, it all comes off together, gets washed together, and dries well. We even put it to the test with a bout of the stomach flu (how’s that for an initiation?).

This @beddysbeds bedding ZIPS closed, so even a preschooler can make the bed! Bedding that zips open and closed! Perfect for developmental delays, independence, and little ones!
Part of the reason I love the bedding so much is because of the independence it creates. It opens and closes with zippers, which means 4 year old Milo can make the bed BY HIMSELF. I also love it because children, teens, and adults with physical limitations or developmental delays can also make their own beds. While the tucking, pulling, adjusting, and straightening of traditional bedding can easily be too much for some, with Beddy’s you can make the bed if you can pull a zipper! It looks crisp and put together, and there are a wide range of styles, which is always nice.

Love this little comfort panel that keeps kids tucked in at night. Milo's new bedding is my FAVE - Plenty of trendy, modern, and classic designs, and it zips to close!
The one drawback some people feel when they look at Beddy’s is the price–at first glance, it can seem a little pricey. When I considered that the bedding is the equivalent of a sheet set, blanket, comforter, and pillowcases all in one, PLUS comes with the added functionality and independence that the zipper closure lends, I feel like it’s a totally worthwhile investment. So much so that we’re ordering a set for Sophie’s room too, since it accommodates her sensory and adaptive needs so well.

This is super gush-y, but I wanted to SHOW you what I mean. They really are the best. (Buddy’s had nothing to do with this video–it’s just our review and experience.)

Best of all, Beddy’s runs regular sales and specials, so check out their Instagram to stay up to date on the latest, and don’t miss their big online warehouse sale this week! 


  1. It would be hard to find a cuter Demonstrator’ than Mr. Milo. His room is darling, and HOORAY for him being able to make his own bed!!

  2. Hi! I love this bedding and am seriously considering splurging to get 2 sets for my girls since we’re about to buy them a bunk bed. My only concern is the white bedspread holding up to kids playing on them because I know my kids will be climbing all over the bunkbeds. Do you find that it’s holding up well or getting dingy and easily stained with the white color? Thank you!

    1. Danielle – Both kids’ bedding still looks basically brand new. We’ve survived climbing on beds, stomach flu, nighttime accidents, etc. It washes REALLY well and I’ve been SO happy with them.

      (Note: I do often break the bedding into 2 loads so it washes and dries easier. Also: I’ve treated any stains with Shout or Oxiclean and they’ve all lifted right out!)

  3. I was wondering regarding the fitted sheet part. We wash sheets often as my children are 5 and 3. While most nights we are accident free I was looking to be able to purchase more of the fitted sheets as the blanket and comforter are able to be removed completely. Should there be an accident in the night and needs to be washed is there an option to have another fitted sheet without purchasing another whole set?

    1. Kimberly – I hope this helps:

      The fitted sheet part is zipper attached to the comforter (which is backed with the soft minky blanket fabric). If you wanted to just wash the sheet, you could by unzipping it from the top portion and just washing the sheet portion.

      However, they don’t sell just zippered fitted sheets on their site that I’m aware of.

      While the Beddy’s sheet is in the wash, you could put another fitted sheet (without the zipper) on the bed and have them use the covers portion on top (though it won’t be able to zip in). The Beddy’s sheet by itself washes and dries pretty quickly though!

      (We keep a spare set of twin sheets we can pull out for accidents or if someone is sick in the night.)

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