10+ Gluten-Free

school lunch ideas for kids to try this year (besides sandwiches!)

Break out of your packed lunch rut with 10+ gluten-free packed lunch ideas to try this school year (besides sandwiches!)

1. Bean Dip Snack Box!

Make a mini 7-layer dip with refried beans, cheese, guacamole, etc. Then pack tortilla chips for dipping & fresh fruit & veggies!

2. Try A Wrap!

Swap out bread for a gluten-free tortilla or wrap! Serve with fruit, veggies & something crunchy.

3. Go For Yogurt! 

Pack yogurt swirled with fruit or jam, along with fresh berries, a granola bar & carrot chips!

4. Breakfast For Lunch

Try pancakes or waffles with jam or syrup for dipping! Serve with fresh fruit, rice cakes or trail mix!

5. Try A Super Soup!

Use a thermos insert to pack tomato soup. Pack with croutons, apple chips + energy bites to round things out!


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