10 Kids Books We’re Loving Lately

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10 Kids' Books We're Loving Lately >> One Lovely Life
It’s time for another round of Kids Books We’re Loving Lately. I realized that my growing list was getting out of control, which means its time to spill the beans! Also, since I seem to lack the ability to stop at an even 10, I threw a few vehicle books in there (since 50% of my children want to limit their reading exclusively to vehicle-related literature). Enjoy!

10 Books We’re Loving Lately

1. Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton. I love his illustration style. It reminds me of what my dad would draw if he were an illustrator. And Sophie thinks the “sneaky guys” are hilarious.

2. Have You Seen My Dragon? by Steve Light. Steve Light is one of my kids’ faves. His illustrations are versatile and charming. He does good work! This one has lots of things to do (count the ___, find the dragon, what color is the ___), in addition to being a cute read. Two thumbs way up, and a thanks to Janssen for the recommendation. We are totally pre-ordering Have You Seen My Monster?

3. Hi, Koo!: A Year of Seasons by Jon J Muth. This was a beautiful book. We loved the poems and the illustrations. Gorgeous. Sophie couldn’t stop talking about it.

4. Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony. And, of course, after reading ONE panda book, we needed another. This one made us laugh out loud, and we loved doing voices for the different black-and-white animals. It was fantastic.

5. How to Lose a Lemur by Frann Preston-Gannon. After seeing the lemurs in Please, Mr Panda, Sophie was smitten. She uses a King Julien voice to say “hello” to all the Lemurs in this one.

6. Lines That Wiggle by Candace Whitman. This ones has raised lines that are fun to trace. The rhyme is fast-paced enough, and this was a surprise hit with Sophie.

7. And Away We Go! by Migy. We couldn’t help but love this one. Animals, dancing, hot air balloons, treats… yep. It’s the whole package.

8. Open Very Carefully: A Book with Bite by Nicola O’Byrne. This one had Sophie in stitches. It’s a great interactive read, and we liked it a lot.

9. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown. This one was big a few years back, but it was new to us. I loved the illustrations, and we liked acting things out to be silly.

10. Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett. Jon Klassen is one of our all-time favorite illustrators. He’s FANTASTIC. This was hilarious, the illustrations were great, and, well, made me crave chocolate milk and animal crackers.

10 Kids' Books We're Loving Lately >> One Lovely Life

And for all my vehicle-loving peeps:

  1. Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo. Milo is obsessed. Basically, it’s a profile of a lot of different vehicles doing what they do. And if you’ve got someone who loves All The Wheely things, this one’s for you.
  2. All The Things by Steve Light. Again, Steve Light is great. Planes Go, Diggers Go, Trucks Go, and Trains Go are all great. We love these illustrations, and Milo and Sophie think the sounds are as funny as the gibberish in the Book With No Pictures. We’re excited for Boats Go, due out in March.
  3. Backhoe Joe by Lori Alexander. This one’s about a boy who finds a stray backhoe. Milo asks to read it about a dozen times a day.


What are you reading lately? What else should I check out?

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  1. We got trains go from the library last year… and I just realized that my two year old broke the book and we now have half of it in our house, and half of it back at the library…. Whoops!

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