Real Food For Real Families

Healthy, nourishing recipes don’t have to be boring! We add color, flavor & flourish to everyday recipes made for REAL families. Whether you’ve got picky eaters, food allergies/intolerances to navigate, or just a serious craving to satisfy, I’ve got you covered with gorgeous fuss-free recipes everyone can love.


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What’s for dinner?

Say no to boring dinners! These healthy dinner options make the most of flavor, color, and EASE.

fresh, flexible gluten-free recipes made for families


I’m Emily!

I see you! You want healthy, delicious, EASY family dinners that don’t require a lot of fuss or specialty ingredients. I’m an allergy mom of 2 & understand the struggle to get a good dinner on the table that people will actually EAT. I’ll help you get there with easy, beautiful recipes you can count on.

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