anchovy and raw egg yolk free Caesar dressing (gf)

Michael and I had our one year anniversary when we were visiting family and, therefore, didn’t celebrate until January 2nd. We made a romantic, fancyish dinner and got all dolled up. We watched a great movie and enjoyed a great dessert.

One thing I wanted to try was homemade caesar dressing since I LOVE making my own croutons. Michael was on board, so we began looking.

The sad part was, I wanted to find something without buying anchovies (since I don’t have anything on my cook-this list that calls for them and wouldn’t want to really deal with them) and I also wanted to go without raw egg yolks. Not many recipes really fit this description.

After finding a few recipes, I came up with this. It matches quite closely to one on Martha Stewart’s website, so I credit her with my inspiration, although I read about 15 recipes. It was delicious. I loved the lemon flavor and it paired beautifully with parmesan and homemade garlic croutons. What a yummy salad.

*Note: Worchestershire sauce does often contain a small amount anchovy paste, so technically the recipe contains some anchovy, you just don’t have to buy a tin of them. I thought it was a fair trade-off. In addition, mayonnaise by definition contains eggs. This recipe, however, doesn’t call for you to stir together raw egg yolks (that was my goal).

Caesar Salad Dressing
Inspired by Martha Stewart and Alton Brown<
Printable Recipe

1/3c reduced-fat mayonnaise (you could certainly use full-fat, but I wouldn’t use fat-free)*
3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice (not the time for the bottled stuff)
1/4c grated fresh parmesan cheese
1/2tsp-3/4tsp Worchestershire sauce*
salt and pepper to taste (I was generous)

Whisk together mayo, lemon juice, cheese, worchestershire and a pinch of salt and pepper. Taste and reseason as desired. Serve over romaine lettuce, croutons, and more parmesan

*Gluten free notes: I use Kraft Olive Oil mayo and Lea Perrins Worcestershire sauce, which are both (dairy and) gluten free.


  1. For anyone with egg alergies, the low fat mayonnaise does contain egg. Nice try, but this recipe is not egg free.

    1. Lucie- you’re absolutely right! Mayonnaise, by definition, contains eggs. What I meant was that you don’t need to stir in a raw egg yolk or chop up an anchovy.

  2. Thank you! I would never have thought to use the Worchestershire instead of anchovies. Thank you for explaining the replacement of that for the anchovies and that they still contain anchovies. Also for explaining it is not an egg free recipe but raw egg free in the description of the recipe.

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