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Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

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20+ Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids! – Easter’s right around the corner. We love these candy-free Easter basket ideas for kids!

A collage of non-candy Easter basket ideas for kids

Easter is just a few weeks away(!!!), and I’ve been on the hunt for Easter basket ideas for my kids. So much of our regular life still looks different these days that it’s been really fun for me to try to hold onto a few silly, simple, fun things that make things feel “normal” like putting together Easter Baskets.

Since candy & treats are kind of a given (and you probably already know which ones your kids love best), I’ve focused on non-candy Easter basket ideas for kids here. I’ve broken things down into four main categories, and I LOVE the ideas in each.

Here are my non-candy Easter basket ideas for kids this year…

collage of cute boys and girls kids swimsuits for summer 2021 on a white background.SWIMSUITS

Some families do a nice Easter dress or Easter outfit, but since we live in the desert, we’ve started doing swimsuits. This is usually the “big” thing for my kids’ Easter baskets. It’s a purchase I need to make anyway as they grow each year, but it’s fun to put it in their baskets and open it like it’s a present.



Great Books to Gift for Easter from One Lovely Life


A BOOK TO READ! We loooove books around these parts, so we’re always on the hunt for something to read. I’d highly recommend THIS ONE, THIS ONE, and THIS ONE. They’re each filled with inspiring stories and gorgeous illustrations. You can also find books here:

BRAVERY MAGAZINE. We’ve LOVED Bravery for the last year, and individual issues or a subscription would make a great Easter gift (that keeps on giving!). Each issue is packed with gorgeous art, inspiring life stories, LOTS of activities, craft/art projects, real-life stories shared from kids and more.

PUFFY STICKER BOOKS (REUSABLE!) – These puffy sticker books are one of our favorites for travel, restaurants, or keeping kids busy. The stickers really can be used again and again.

PAINT BY STICKER BOOKS. Paint by sticker books are another great option. We love to pull them out while we listen to a podcast or audiobook. They’re a great way to keep your hands busy and make something beautiful while you’re at it!

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas from One Lovely Life


A small game makes a GREAT non-candy Easter basket idea. It can be a great way to pass the time and give a gift of quality time + experiences together. We have a whole post about our favorite family games, but a few that would be great for an Easter basket…

  • MONOPOLY DEAL. I do not have the patience for an actual game of monopoly, but this 15-minute rounds of Monopoly Deal are quick and easy. My kids (8 & 9) LOVE this game. (Geared toward ages 8+)
  • THE BEARS AND THE BEES. Color match tiles to build a beehive and avoid bears! Geared toward ages 8+, but there isn’t any reading required. Younger kids who can match colors could totally play with a grown-up!
  • HAPPY SALMON. A fun win from Christmas, this quick game is fun and silly!
  • SLEEPING QUEENS. This game was invented by a kid, so it’s REALLY easy and intuitive for kids to play. Little tiny kids can play, and big kids can make it fun by using more advanced combinations.
  • EYE FOUND ITThis is another game that’s easy to play for small children (no reading required). It’s a quick-ish I-spy game with a Disney theme. We love it!
  • SKIP-BO JR. This is really fun and the rounds go by pretty quickly. We’ve been playing since Milo was 5 and they both caught on really quickly!
  • GO NUTS FOR DONUTS! This game can be so funny! Plus, the cards are adorable, so…
  • SUSHI GO! We’ve been playing this since Milo was 5 or 6, and it’s pretty easy to catch on to. I enjoy this one a lot!
  • JACKS. Or, you can skip the board/card games and go for something classic like Jacks!
  • THE PEG GAME. This one’s a little brain teaser that can keep my kids occupied for a *while*

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas from One Lovely Life


Here’s where non-candy Easter basket ideas get FUN! I’ve got a TON of fun small gift ideas in my stocking stuffer posts, but a few things that are great this time of year:

What are some of YOUR favorite non-candy Easter basket ideas for kids? I love hearing what other families do for this holiday! 









  1. Thanks for so many fun ideas! I will be using a few of these ideas for Easter and a few more for my daughter’s June birthday.

  2. I love these ideas! Easter baskets are sometimes hard for me to find the right balance but not spend too much money on, especially with kids ranging from 3–9. I love your game suggestions. Definitely putting a few in my Amazon cart!

    1. I TOTALLY understand! I could go WAY overboard if I let myself. These days, I usually just choose a few things from these lists and do some candy in eggs for the rest 🙂

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