chicken broccoli braid (df)

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Chicken Broccoli Braid I One Lovely Life

I feel very blessed that Michael not only LIKES broccoli, it’s one of his favorite vegetables. I think it comes about second (after potatoes) in line. He also likes brussels sprouts! I know, I’m lucky.
This is a recipe I learned in a home-economics-type class once upon a time. It’s very simple, low-fuss, and is supposed to be a beautiful presentation. It’s essentially chicken salad in crescent roll dough. I’ve modified it (shocker, I know), so that it’s a little better for us, but it’s still not perfect. Meh.
Note: the “trickiest” part of this recipe is rolling out the dough. Don’t panic. It will be fine. Take four deep breaths, be patient with the flaky dough, and all will work together for your good.

Chicken Broccoli Braid I One Lovely Life

Chicken Broccoli Braid
Printable Recipe

1 large chicken breast, cooked and shredded
2c broccoli, blanched (I do this in boiling water for 1-2 minutes)
1/2c-3/4c mayo
1 tsp dried dill (or 1 Tbsp fresh)
1/8tsp garlic salt
1/8ts onion powder
2 cans refrigerated crescent roll dough*

In a medium bowl, combine chicken, broccoli, mayo, and seasonings. Roll out crescent roll dough side by side (longer sides together) to form a double-wide layer of dough. Pinch together seams with your fingers. Pour chicken mixture down the center long-ways. With kitchen shears or a knife, make 1″ slits down the sides toward the center. Fold each strand over to form a “braid” on the top.

Bake at 350 for 20-22 minutes or till golden and cooked through.

Makes 6-8 servings.

*For dairy free: be sure your crescent rolls are dairy free. Many commercial brands are.


  1. Just made this for dinner today, my family ate it up like it was the last bit of food in the Hunger Games. This is def. becoming a fav. recipe. I used frozen broccoli instead of fresh and it came out just fine. Thank you for creating this awesome dish!!!! Also just FYI I pined a link to this page for the recipe and there are already 10 repins.

  2. I literally just made this for your sister, she is eating it right now. It appears that she is enjoying it….wait….wait…she is swallowing…..Yes she does like it, for the win!!!

  3. If you like delivered almonds, beat an egg white and brush the top of the dish and scatter the almonds sporadically. With it without the almonds, the brushed egg whites add a nice touch.

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