How to Make Crepe Paper Wisteria

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How to Make Crepe Paper Wisteria – This is one of those glorious DIYS that *looks* so much more complicated than it is. Easy, inexpensive DIY’s are my jam.

Paper Wisteria hanging from a gold embroidery hoop in a dining room
Since Christmas, my kids have BIG TIME gotten on the seasonal decoration train. We’ve adopted the area around our kitchen table as the designated the seasonal decoration spot. I used it to create a pretty holiday tablescape, we cut out dozens of paper snowflakes late December to carry us through January, and we put together a little Valentine’s mobile for February.

Now that we’re done with the winter holiday season (and St. Patrick’s Day is such a short window), I’m feeling all kinds of spring-y vibes. I made a crepe paper leaf garland for some bright, happy green, but wanted something colorful and floral around the table.

Hanging Wisteria Installation at Anthropologie that inspired my own paper wisteria project!
I saw a GORGEOUS installation at an Anthropologie in Las Vegas last year that was made out of cupcake liners and purple balloons (people are so creative!). I’ve thought about it ever since. While there isn’t space for something of that magnitude in my house, I still wanted something similar (but simpler). So, I took to Pinterest and soon found there were dozens and dozens of tutorials for making similar ones out of tissue or crepe paper.

I’ve done a lot with tissue paper (since it’s just so darn inexpensive) but this was my first time working with crepe beyond the cheap-o paper streamers I’ve bought for parties. Real crepe (sold in rolls about 20-inches wide) is much higher quality, maintains its stretch, and is thicker than the stuff you buy at party shops. I ordered a few rolls from here in an ombre purple-pink palate for some dimension. You could certainly use other colors (or all one color, or just two colors, etc.), but I went with purple and a lavender-y pink that are lovely. Surprisingly, the rolls are only about $1.30 each, so even with paying shipping the end result is very inexpensive!

Here’s how I made it…

Purple Paper Wisteria Hanging from a Gold Embroidery Hoop


Cutting crepe paper into strips to make crepe paper wisteria


Cut 3-4″ wide strips of crepe. You’ll use these to make several petals at a time.

Folding strips of crepe paper into rectangles to cut out petals for paper wisteria Folding purple crepe paper to make paper wisteria


Fold about 2-2.5″ lengths all the way across until you have a neat rectangle (it’s okay if there’s a tiny bit leftover at the end). This will help you be able to cut multiple petals at a time and make it easier to keep sizing consistent.

Cutting out petals for paper wisteria


I didn’t use a template for this, figuring that if each set of petals was slightly different in shape it could only add to the effect. I also made sure to cut so that the grain (the lines) went horizontally across the width of my balloon shapes. This helped as I was shaping petals. If you accidentally do it vertically, it will still work, but you may not have as much control over shaping the petals.

Twisting paper petals for Crepe Paper Wisteria Twisting and folding paper petals to make crepe paper wisteria


Twist the narrow end of the “balloon” 2-3 times. Fold the twist inward on itself toward the center of the petal. Gently shape the petal into a curve.

Bowls of paper wisteria petals ready to string on thread.


Keep going until you have plenty of petals in every color you plan to use. I wanted each strand to be slightly different, so for some, I used 12 dark purple, 10 medium purple, and 8-9 pink. For others, I used 10 dark, 15 medium, and 12 light.

Threading petals of paper wisteria onto green embroidery thread


Cut a length (as long as you like–I did about 15-20 inch lengths) of embroidery thread (you can also just use a double strand of regular thread). Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end.

Poke the needle through the “knot” you created by twisting and folding. The petal should open downward, so start with the darkest color you plan to use and work your way up to the top. Repeat with all the petals. Arrange petals facing opposite directions to create more dimension (rather than stacking them perfectly one on top of the other).

When you get near a transition between colors (i.e. dark to medium or medium to light), overlap a few petals. For instance, you may go dark-medium-dark-medium-medium-medium-medium, etc.) to create a more gradual transition/ombre effect. You don’t have to do this, it’s just my personal preference. You can see how it looks above.

Threading strands of paper wisteria onto green embroidery thread
Strands of paper wisteria on a white background


Continue threading petals on the strands, and make enough strands that you have a nice cluster.

Emily Dixon from One Lovely Life hanging paper wisteria in her dining room Emily Dixon from One Lovely Life hanging paper wisteria in her dining room


(I used a 12-inch hoop, but you could use a 14-inch hoop if you want a bigger one) and arrange at varying heights. Hang from a chandelier (or from a command hook hung from the ceiling). Alternatively, you can hang the strands directly from your chandelier. My friend Anna said she thought they’d look lovely tied to a bar or branch in a nursery. I LOVE THAT IDEA!!!

Happy Crafting!

Close up view of Crepe Paper Wisteria Hanging from a Gold Embroidery Hoop with text overlay that reads "Easy DIY Project - How to Make Paper Wisteria"

Crepe Paper Wisteria Hanging from a Gold Embroidery Hoop with text overlay that reads "Easy DIY Project - How to Make Paper Wisteria"

Crepe Paper Wisteria Hanging from a Gold Embroidery Hoop with text overlay that reads "Easy DIY Project - How to Make Paper Wisteria"How to Make Paper Wisteria - The easiest spring or Easter decoration, or the sweetest nursery decor. (So easy and inexpensive!)


  1. Very beautiful! I’ve got to try this!
    Also wanted to ask, where did you get your blouse??? or t-shirt? I love it.

  2. wow i really love this tutorial, i’m 13 and i think this will be great for my room. i can’t get the balloon shape just right though. it would mean a lot if you could give me a link to a free template. Love from Africa

  3. HinEmily tengo una página de Instagram en mi país que da ideas de decoración relacionado con las estructuras que manejo, quería pedirte permiso de usar 2 fotos y mencionar tu nombre en el artículo que se lllama cómo decorar tu backdroop

    1. Abbey – I love that idea! I haven’t tried it with streamers, but it might work depending on how thick and sturdy your streamers are. The crepe paper that comes in sheets is typically on the thicker side, so it’s a bit more resilient to the twisting and folding. I’d love to know how it goes if you give it a try that way!

  4. The best diy for wisteria that I have found. You’re so creative. Planning to do some for my daughter’s baby shower. Where did you get the crepe paper rolls? Thanks for sharing.

  5. Me encanto! Gracias buscaba como hacerlos por que quiero decorar el techo y árboles al igual que las cuerdas de un columpio para mi tienda 🤩😍🙌🙌 gracias

  6. Wow! Planning my daughters wedding and flowers are so expensive. This tutorial came just in time. I’ve been shopping for wisteria to hang in the chapel and on the bride and grooms table and now I can have it but so much less expensive! Thank you so much!!

  7. These are really pretty, how long did it take you to make that craft? I am thinking of doing something like this for a graduation party with an enchanted forest theme but would need to make a large amount. Did you use the entire three roles for this project or did you have a lot left?

    1. Karen – I didn’t time it, but it was several hours for sure. If you were doing lots for a room, it would definitely take some time to do it by yourself!

  8. Thank you very much ! I currently work in a retirement home and was thinking of Friday’s creative activity and wanted to make them do flowers paper to decorate the retirement home. So thanks to you I found my idea and the picture to show them !

    Sorry for my english, i’m french.

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