lime greek yogurt (gf)

Lime Greek Yogurt I One Lovely Life  Lime Greek Yogurt I One Lovely Life
So, you’ve bought some plain Greek yogurt, and you feel like it tastes like sour cream. Major letdown. No one (that I know) wants straight sour cream for breakfast. I know, you’ve heard the hype: “high protein!” “low fat!” “creamy texture!” “removes cellulite!” (kidding on that last one… I wanted to make sure you were paying attention).

What’s a person to do? Two words: honey. lime.

Think about it.

Lime Greek Yogurt I One Lovely LifeMichael’s co-worker John has an in at Miraval resort. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s like healthy heaven. You check in to luxurious rooms, spend your day doing healthy, mindful, rejuvenating things, and you eat the most delicious, colorful, healthful food you can dream of. I dream of going there.

I live part of that dream through the Miraval cookbook I was recently given by said co-worker (thank you John! You really are the best!), and I have been in heaven! I actually got an advanced copy just because he thought I would like it. Have I mentioned he’s the best co-worker ever? The cookbook is full of delicious, healthy recipes. Many are vegetarian, though there are recipes for delicious steak, chicken, and fish recipes too. I totally recommend this book. It’s worth the purchase.

(p.s. No one has compensated me in any way for saying nice things. I just really LOVE the cookbook and wanted to share.)

Back to the yogurt.

Adding lime zest, lime juice, and a smidge of honey makes Greek yogurt taste like key lime pie yogurt. It’s divine. We especially love it with berries, but it’s lovely on its own. It’s one of Sophie’s very favorite breakfasts. If you’ve never purchased Greek yogurt before, I highly recommend trying Fage brand. It’s sometimes pricey, but it’s the absolute best. The texture is heavenly. (Our Coscto carries it for the best price I’ve found). This yogurt, mixed up, will keep for about 1 week in the refrigerator (if it lasts that long). You’ll just want to give it a quick stir before scooping out your next serving.

If you’ve been dissatisfied with Greek yogurt in the past, you really might want to give this a try. I’m trying lemon next!

Lime Greek Yogurt I One Lovely Life

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Lime Greek Yogurt

  • Yield: 2-4 1x


Some brands of Greek yogurt can be more acidic than others. Adjust the level of honey based on the acidity and your preference for sweetness.


  • 2c plain Greek yogurt (my favorite brand is Fage)
  • zest and juice of 1 lime
  • 13 Tbsp honey (depending on the brand of yogurt you use)


  1. Stir together all ingredients until smooth. Will keep in the refrigerator about 1 week.

Recipe slightly adapted from Mindful Eating cookbook by Miraval


  1. Yum! I just had some Fage Greek yogurt for breakfast (I agree that it is the best), swirled with rhubarb puree (rhubarb baked in oven with vanilla, lemon juice and sugar, then whizzed in the food processor). Also very very yummy.

  2. Key Lime Pie + Berries for breakfast sounds SO delicious!

    I’m willing to give Greek Yogurt another try if I can make it taste like Key Lime Pie… 🙂

  3. I got hooked on lime Greek yogurt (especially ) because it really does taste like Key lime pie and like you shouldn’t be allowed to eat it. i don’t like the cost the fact that it’s made by Dan probably not as healthy or natural as I would like. I can’t wait to give this a try!

  4. Thank you! Your key lime recipe was the final piece in my quest. I like yogurt but never seemed to eat a lot of it. When I did it was Fage 2% plain, a few times/month. I happened to try Chobani key lime and I was addicted. Problem too expensive ($1.69/5oz) and they don’t make it in larger sizes. I started making my own yogurt in 1/2 gallon batches with Fage as the starter for a whole lot less money. Your recipe is the cherry on top, as it were.

    Now I am a contented man. 🙂

  5. Can you use lime juice instead of an actual lime? What brand do you recommend? Also does lime juice have pulp in it?

    1. I really prefer fresh lime juice, since bottled lime juice tends to be pretty bitter. (That said, I know grocery shopping is crazy right now, so it’d probably work in a pinch!) Most bottled lime juice doesn’t have pulp in it. Fresh can, depending on how it’s squeezed, but you can always strain it out by squeezing the limes into a strainer over a bowl. The strainer will catch the pulp, and you’ll end up with perfectly smooth fresh lime juice below!

  6. I clicked the link above for more information about the cookbook, it took me to a page that said WE’RE SORRY
    THE PAGE YOU’RE LOOKING FOR CAN’T BE FOUND.. I would really like to know if you’ve tried this recipe using lemon zest/juice instead of lime for a great lemony flavor? I absolutely love the key lime flavor and am excited to see if the lemon would taste as delicious.

    1. Cathy – I’m so sorry for the trouble. This post was written back in 2012 and it looks like the original cookbook is out of print.😞 But I did find this one that might be helpful!

      As for the lemon, I have tried it with lemon and really love it!

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