Under $20 Gift Guide

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The Under $20 Gift Guide is HERE! – Great gifts can be found on a budget! I’ve rounded up 40+ AWESOME gifts ideas for $20 or less. They’re perfect for friends, sisters, moms, in-laws, teachers, and YOU!

Fun Gifts For $20 or Less

I really love giving gifts. It’s not my receiving love language, but it is one of my favorites for expressing love and appreciation. That said, gifts add up fast (especially during the holidays!), and if you’re on a budget, it’s always great to have some more affordable options in your back pocket to choose from.

That’s why I’ve rounded up this $20 or less gift guide! These easy, more affordable gifts are all under $20, but can feel really special for the people on your list. If you’re looking for a gift idea for friends, sisters, mothers or mother-in-laws, teachers (or YOU!), I’ve got lots of ideas to choose from. (They also make great options for a favorite things party!)

Let’s jump in…

Beauty and Self-Care Gifts Ideas for $20 or less


  • A PRETTY BAR SOAP. Bar soap is back in a big way (more environmentally friendly, less expensive), and there are so many great companies and brands embracing it. Pick up a pretty bar of Volcano soap for $8 (like my fave Anthropologie candle!) or this box of mini soaps with a few gorgeous scents to choose from–this also works great for hosting guests!
  • WET BRUSH. If you’re not on the wet brush train yet (or haven’t replaced yours in a few years) it’s time! This brush (which can be used on wet or dry hair) is designed not to pull or snag and works WONDERS on long hair, short hair, and sensitive heads. (Try a cute print for a change of pace!) It’s also fantastic paired with…
  • PRETTY HAIR ACCESSORIES. There are so many fun hair accessories popular right now, from pretty headbands to fun barrettes, to pearl hair clips and jazzed-up bobby pins. Grab one, or pair a few for a fun, sweet gift!
  • MASCARA PRIMER. I SWEAR by this amazing lash primer. It lifts and lengthens my lashes to what feels like double their normal length. At $11, the mini size is the perfect way to try it out. My other favorite is this natural mascara/primer duo that’s $15 and works like a charm.
  • MAKE-UP SETTING SPRAY. Another favorite beauty find is this All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. It helps your makeup last through heat, humidity, wind, and more. (And it’s THE only reason I don’t look completely disheveled by noon for 6 months of the year.)
  • A GOOD LIP BALM. A good lip balm goes a long way! I fell hard for this natural chapstick brand last year and use their sweet mint all the time. (My kids love the coconut & lemon ones!) This SPF lip balm has a minty fresh flavor and SPF25. (You need SPF all year long–not just summer!)
  • GLOSSIER BOY BROW. This cult-favorite beauty product is a total brow game changer. It works as a brow tint and gel to keep your brows in place while looking really natural. I’ve been using the brown color for the last 6 months and LOVE it. (Not sure what color you want? They also have a clear option!)
  • A CREAMY FACE CLEANSER. This natural, creamy gel-to-milk cleanser feels super luxurious and has the added benefit of being moisturizing without being greasy (so great in the winter!). Pro tip: I use this with a washcloth for best results.
  • A FACIAL ROLLER. These jade rollers and rose quartz rollers are trendy, but for good reason! They help with lymph fluid regulation, combat puffiness, and are a delightfully soothing way to smooth your skin after applying moisturizers or serums.
  • HYDRATING SHEET MASK. I love doing a sheet mask every once in a while, but it’s hard to know if you’re buying a good one or one that might make you break out or irritate your skin. My esthetician recommended this hydrogel one, and I haven’t looked back! (I always tuck a few of these in my stocking & love giving them out for gifts!)
  • THE MOST AMAZING FOOT MASK. Foot mask? Yes! This $6 foot mask leaves your feet feeling like you’ve just come from a pedicure. So soft, so moisturizing, and I love the mint scent/feel. Pair with this tool and/or a new polish (I love Rock The Runway!) for extra at-home pedi power!
Cozy Gifts For $20 or less


  • A GORGEOUS CANDLE OR DIFFUSER OIL. This famous candle is my all-time favorite. It smells fantastic all year rounds and last a LONG time. If candles aren’t you jam, you can pick up a pretty oil blend to pop into an essential oil diffuser. This one is the famous Anthropologie candle in diffuser oil form! (We like this essential oil diffuser, though it’s a little over $20)
  • SALT LAMP NIGHT LIGHT. If you’ve never used a salt lamp before, the gorgeous glow they offer is really something special. These little salt lamp nightlights are all that loveliness in mini form! I use them in hallways and the hall bathroom when we have company, and use them in the morning during my morning routine, when I meditate and journal. (Plus, they’re supposed to help purify the air by reducing negative ions!)
  • SOMETHING TO ADD TO YOUR TEA OR WATER. I’m a mega fan of True Lime and True Lemon packets. They’re unsweetened, calorie-free, made from actual lemon/lime juice, and taste really fresh and vibrant. They’re perfect for adding to some cold water, hot ginger tea (I love ginger + lime!), or your favorite herbal tea. I also toss them into smoothies sometimes for some brightness. SO GOOD. These would be great packaged with a box of your favorite herbal tea or…
  • A GOOD INSULATED WATER BOTTLE. For some reason, I drink way more water when I can sip it through a straw, so I love a good insulated water bottle. This one is around $15, and it keeps your cold drinks COLD. I like that it comes with both a flip lid and a straw lid, so you can easily switch it out to clean or to take on the go.
  • COMFY SLIPPERS. I love these semi-silly but SUPER comfy slippers (they’re called Snoozies!). Or, if you want something with more structure (and a firm sole), these slippers are extra comfy (I always wait for the sale to put them under $20).
  • A GUIDED JOURNAL. I got this guided journal a few years ago and LOVED it. The prompts are simple and creative, and it’s a good way to loosen up, reflect, and feel creative without a huge time investment.
Kitchen & Cooking Gifts For $20 or Less


  • THE BEST SHARP KNIVES. These small, serrated knives are my very favorite. At only $8-9 each, they’re a huge bargain, but they work just as well as knives 3-4x their price. I LOVE them.
  • A SUPER-SHARP VEGGIE PEELER. If you prep veggies regularly, this super-sharp veggie peeler ($10) is tough to beat. It makes quick work of carrots, sweet potatoes, and so much more.
  • POPSICLE MOLD. A popsicle mold is a fun novelty item not everyone has, but we LOVE using all summer long. They’re fun for kids and grown-ups–don’t forget a little pack of popsicle sticks to go with it! (We have LOTS of healthy homemade popsicle recipes on our site!)
  • COOKIE SCOOPS. We use these cookie scoops (in medium & large) for ALL the things in the kitchen. Scooping cookies, sure, but also measuring meatballs, scooping muffin or cupcake batter into muffin liners, making energy bites, and so much more.
  • AN INSTANT READ THERMOMETER. Ok, not the most glamorous gift, but a thermometer will level up your kitchen game INSTANTLY. No more under or overcooked meats, no more underbaked breads. This works great for grilling, baking, and kitchen cooking.
  • MAGICALLY NONSTICK MUFFIN PANS. If you bake a lot of muffins, these silicone muffin pans might just be your new best friend. I use the regular size for everyday baking, and the mini size for school lunch prep. (Minis pack in kids’ lunches like a dream!) After the first 1-2 uses, you can use these pans without muffin liners or greasing the pans at all (I grease them first 1-2x). It’s a great way to cut down on waste, and makes the clean-up a breeze! Plus, they’re dishwasher safe. (WOOT!) Note: I put them on a baking sheet for stability in the oven. Gift them alone, or add your favorite homemade or store-bought muffin mix to go with them!
  • MEAL PLANNING PAD. This little meal planning pad is my favorite way to keep our weekly meals organized. I can map out a week of meals, which makes planning a grocery list or grocery order so easy! Plus, it’s got a magnetic strip on the back, so you can easily attach it to the side of your fridge. Try it. You’ll love it!
  • SALT & PEPPER CELLARS. I adore this salt cellar and pepper cellar from Hearth & Hand. They look adorable on the counter and are such a cute way to display something I use every single day. Gift them as-is, fill with your favorite salt and pepper, or gift along with a cute kitchen towel or cookbook!
  • REUSABLE BAGS. These BAGGU bags are THE BEST reusable bags on the market, IMHO. First off, they’re doubly eco-friendly since they’re made from recycled fabric AND cut down on paper/plastic waste. I love that they’re compact, washable, quick-drying, hold a TON, and last for YEARS. There are so many cute prints to choose from (Stripes! Fruits & Veggies! Florals! Leopard!) I keep them in my purse and car for All The Things.
Fun Gift Ideas For $20 or Less


  • A PERSONAL FAN. This might seem ridiculous, but I live somewhere that’s flaming hot 6+ months of the year and I walk my kids to and from school. A little hand-held fan is a game changer on those walks, but it’s also fantastic for travel (like waiting in line at Disneyland!), or putting in the cup-holder of a spin bike or treadmill when you’re exercising. At about $14, it makes a fun find!
  • AN AIRPODS CASE. A cute Airpods case can be a fun inexpensive gift idea! If you have a little more than $20 (some are under, some are over), I have really loved this one.
  • BULLET JOURNAL. I love these little bullet journals. You can free-form write, draw, doodle, and sketch, or use the subtle dotted grid to make charts, lists, or even graphs. They’re great for tracking habits, tackling to-do lists, and blowing off steam! (Look at all these clever, creative ways to use them!) You can even toss in some cute pens and stay on budget!
  • A MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION. A magazine subscription can feel like such a fun luxury, and Amazon carries lots of my favorites for a bargain. I love Real Simple (1 year for $5!) or Magnolia (often on sale for $20).
  • A WEEKLY PLANNER PAD. These little weekly planner pads are awesome because you can use them on weeks you need them and skip them on weeks you don’t. (I love how easy it is to see my whole week at a glance!)
  • PRETTY DISH SOAP. Make an everyday task a little more lovely with some gorgeous dish soap. I love Honeysuckle or the Snowdrop scent so much I stock up every year! Pair with a cute dishcloth or spatula & call it a day.
  • STICKERS FOR GROWN-UPS! Confession: I still totally love stickers. These grown-up stickers are a great way to mark special dates on the calendar, dress up cards and notes, track progress on a goal, or add a little bit of happiness to anything you can think of.
  • A PRETTY PUZZLE. I love doing a puzzle in the winter. When it’s cold out outside, I love to put on a good movie, podcast, or audiobook and cozy up with a pretty puzzle like this or this pretty puzzle.


Books make SUCH a good gift, don’t they? I could go on for ages about favorites, but here are a few that can be fun for the holidays: 

  • JOSHUA WEISSMAN’S UNAPOLOGETIC COOKBOOK. Filled with his signature goofy wit and lots of amazing from-scratch recipes, this book is perfect for the culinary adventurer.
  • BEAUTIFUL BOARDS COOKBOOK. For the person who loves charcuterie or entertaining. This book is full of pretty savory & sweet boards for every occasion!
  • COOK ONCE, EAT ALL WEEK COOKBOOKS. If you’re looking to level up your meal planning and don’t want it to be fussy or difficult, this is the book for you. (It sometimes goes just over $20, but I had to include it!)
  • A HEALTHY AIR FRYER COOKBOOK. Gina from Skinnytaste is the air fryer queen, and this book would be great for the air fryer lover in your life!
  • 100 COOKIES COOKBOOK. For the person who loves to bake! This book has literally 100 different kinds of cookies!
  • RODNEY SCOTT’S WORLD OF BBQ. Because who doesn’t need some new grilling recipes?
  • TWO PEAS & THEIR POD COOKBOOK. This is a few cents over $20, but I’m still including it. Maria’s book is packed with so many fun ideas from breakfast to dessert and the photos are gorgeous!
  • COOK ONCE EAT ALL WEEK COOKBOOK. Cassy Joy is one amazing blogger and her latest book is basically the meal prep/time-saving kitchen bible. I love that she has mix-and-match meal plans you can use, and teaches you HOW to plan easy, delicious, healthy meals FAST. Such a good read and reference for the kitchen.
  • THE HOME EDIT. A fun gift for the friend who loves to organize! You’ll never look at a pantry or drawer the same way again after reading through the Home Edit guide to organizing. This book is SO satisfying to flip through and has lots of tips and ideas for organizing spaces big and small in your home. (Plus, they’ve got a Netflix series coming up soon!)
  • AN AUDIBLE GIFT CARD. If audiobooks are more your jam, why not go for an Audible gift card!?


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