Fun Kids’ Stocking Stuffers

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Fun Kids’ Stocking Stuffers – From creative to clever, practical to pure fun, here’s a stocking stuffer kids idea for every kid on your list! 

Creative Kids Stocking Stuffers with text overlay that reads "30 awesome stocking stuffers for kids"

Stocking stuffers are my FAVORITE part of holiday shopping! I love finding things to include that my kids will love. We usually do a mix of practical stocking stuffers and fun stocking stuffers, and it’s so fun to watch my kids open them on Christmas morning!

In case you need some kids stocking stuffers for your family this year, these are a few of our favorites…


1. BOOK PLATES. It feels so fun to mark something as your own, and bookplate stickers are the perfect way to start your own little library. These cute, personalized bookplates are pretty gender neutral (and adorable). Or, we love these cute rainbow ones!

2. A FUN LITTLE FLASHLIGHT. Whether they use it for exploring, telling ghost stories, or doing some reading under the covers, a little flashlight always comes in handy!

3. A READING TIMER BOOKMARK. I love these little timer bookmarks for a lot of reasons. 1) They’re motivating to kids who like to break records, keep streaks, or compete. 2) They’re great for tracking school reading, or working toward a reading goal 3) They’re hard to lose! I like the size and heft. I got one for each child this year!

4. ORIGAMI ANIMAL BOOKMARKS. These cute animal origami bookmarks seem easy enough to put together and would look darling tucked on the corner of your favorite book!

5. A BOOK LIGHT. For a more hands-free option, these amber book lights are a great choice! Not only are they rechargeable (no batteries!), they avoid blue light by using an amber glow. Soothing, pretty, AND helpful for drifting off after reading.

Creative Kids Stocking Stuffers with text overlay that reads "30 awesome stocking stuffers for kids"


6. NO-MESS COLORING. We love the Color Wonder no-mess line of products. They’ve got activity books and coloring books my kids just LOVE.

7. DRAWING NOTEPADS These little sketch pads are ADORABLE. Each mini book has a different animal, waiting to be “dressed.” I love the different animals! My kids both requested them again this year, and I’m also adding these cute kids’ “dress me” notepads. They’re great for waiting rooms, travel, restaurants, and any time you need a little something to do.

8. DOODLE PADS. I was a major doodle-er as a kid (and still am as an adult!). These fun little doodle notepads have a fun or unique shape on each page that you can use as a starting point for your doodles and drawings. My kids LOVE them!

9. PUFFY STICKER BOOKS. These are our FAVORITE! The stickers get SO much use before losing their stick, even with lots and lots (and LOTS!) of repositioning. The Pet Shop and Chipmunk House have been two of our favorites, though you can get a trio of Mermaids, Princesses & Dress-Ups for a deal!

10. PAINT STICKS. These bright, bold paint sticks are less mess than any other paints I know. They dry quickly, work like markers, and clean up well!

11. THE BEST PLAY-DOUGH (THAT DOESN’T STINK). I kind of hate play-doh. The smell always gets to me, and I really don’t love it. What I DO love is Model Magic. It’s gluten-free, doesn’t have a detectable smell, and comes in all kinds of cute colors at Target and Michaels. My kids love it and always get at least one pack in their stockings.

12. CREATIVE CUTTING & CRAFTING. Maybe it’s a pack of play-dough tools, some fun scallop-edge scissors, or beads. Something to inspire a bit of creativity.

13. SCRATCH ART. Scratch art is so fun–you use your stylus or pencil to scratch off the black revealing bright colors underneath. Try this 125ct. scratch note pack or this 15 page mini spiral notebook.

14. STAMPERS MARKERS. Do you remember these stampers markers? They’re washable markers with stamps on the ends! Use them to make fun patterns, cards, and pictures. So fun!

15. FLAIR PENS. My kids are OBSESSED with flair pens this year. A little starter set can be a great stocking stuffer! (Michael’s sells individual colors in store, so you can also just pick up a few options there!)

Creative Kids Stocking Stuffers with text overlay that reads "30 awesome stocking stuffers for kids"

KIDS’ STOCKING STUFFERS For Kids Who Love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

16. A BRAIN PUZZLE. Milo’s kindergarten teacher pulls out “brain games” for the kids to work on while she does one-on-one work with kids or small groups, and this is Milo’s favorite. I actually got it for Michael a few years back and it’s been a big hit with Milo, Sophie, and Michael! (They also have a tougher version if you’re ready for a challenge.) Or you can go with something classic, like a Rubik’s cube!

17. LIGHT-UP ROCKET COPTERS. A pack of these LED rocket copters could be so fun! Take them out on these dark evenings for some glow-in-the-dark fun!

18. GROW YOUR OWN CRYSTAL. If you’ve got a STEM (or gem!) lover in your house, a grow-your-own crystal mini kit could be fun! Sophie’s big into crystals and rock collecting right now, so I think she’ll love this!

19. A FUN STEM EXPERIMENT. Or, go the squishy-cool route with this Molecule Beads STEM project or a Magnetic Slime kit!

20. BUILD-YOUR-OWN FIGHTER JETS. If you have a paper airplane lover at your house, they might get a big kick out of these build-your-own fighter jets!

21. DINO EXCAVATION SET. Have a little dinosaur lover? Try one of these little dino excacavation kits!

Stocking Stuffers For Active Kids

22. NO-SPILL BUBBLES. These no-spill bubbles were a favorite from our Easter baskets, and I LOVE that they really are no-mess! Blow and chase bubbles to your heart’s content without worrying about spilling!

23. BATH FOAM. A friend gave Milo & Sophie one of these bath foams a few years ago and they last for ages! Whether you use these in a bath or shower, or just pull them out for some sensory play, bath foam makes a great kids’ stocking stuffer! Engaging in sensory play provides great input for kids with lots of wiggles!

24. A FIDGET TOY. If your kids are like mine, they could always use something to do with their hands! These pop-it toys are great (and sometimes allowed at school!) or these fun sensory tubes can keep kids busy for AGES.

25. A SKIP BALL. Any other 80’s/90’s kids remember Skip-Its? These skip balls are the same idea! This one even lights up! It’s a fun way to move that doesn’t require a ton of space (which is great for winter months inside!)

26. A JUMP ROPE. Jump ropes are great inside or outside and don’t take up much space. Great for getting some wiggles out!

27. TEE NEE NEE DOH. This fun, squishy stress ball is great for getting out some energy! Squish, wiggle, drop, bounce, and roll in endless ways!

Fun Kids Stocking Stuffers: 

28. MINI COOKING UTENSILS. If you have a little one who loves cooking with you, these kid-sized utensils are fantastic! They’re made to be used (they’re not toys), and the quality is really impressive. I’ve got a set for Sophie and I think she’s going to love them!

29. A FUN PACK OF PLAYING CARDS. After loving the Little Leaders and She Persisted books, Sophie would love this little set of inspiring women playing cards! I love the illustrations. Or, there’s this fun set of Harry Potter cards that might be perfect.

PS – Prefer to include a little game? These are some of our tried-and-true favorite family games.

30. REUSABLE CUPS + REUSABLE STRAWS. These reusable cups are so great for holding drinks or smoothies, especially on the go. You can use silicone reusable straws with them and they’re amazing!

31. NAIL STICKERS. Enjoy a fun little nail makeover with some nail stickers. These heart ones are cute, or you could try these fun snack stickers!

32. INVISIBLE INK SPY PENS. Send each other secret messages with these invisible ink pens! They have a little light on the end that reveals the ink.

33. SOME FUN BANDAIDS. The PERFECT kids’ stocking stuffer! (Doesn’t every kid love a cute bandaid?) We love these hypoallergenic ones or these cute animal ones.

34. A STARTER WATCH. We got these kids watches for our kids last year (they go one sale here and there!) and both loved having their own little watch. I loved that they weren’t super expensive, so we didn’t need to stress if one got stepped on, broken or lost.

35. HAIR TIE BRACELETS. Practical + fashionable, these hair tie bracelets look cute on your wrist and help you get your hair up quickly!

Creative Kids Stocking Stuffers with text overlay that reads "30 awesome stocking stuffers for kids"

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  1. Thank you so much for the note on the modeling clay that is gluten free and doesn’t stink! I’ve always hated playdough for the same reasons and I’ve been wary of trying similar things for my son because I just can’t stand the mess and smell. He’ll be very excited to try it!

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