Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him and Her

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him and Her – Make stocking stuffers steal the show this year with these great ideas for him and her! (Check out this post for ideas for kids!)   

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Guys, Husbands, boyfriends, sons and teens

Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas shopping.

I love getting to find funny, meaningful, or useful items to tuck into a stocking. I try to steer away from knick-knacks or too much candy, and since these posts are always so popular, I thought I’d share a few things on my list for this year!

Here are some stocking stuffer ideas perfect for him and her–the perfect stocking ideas for the husbands, boyfriends, or guys in your life + lots of stocking stuffer ideas for you, your wife, girlfriend, or ladies in your life. Basically all of these work for either gender, so I don’t get too caught up in what belongs on which list, but in no particular order, here are some of our favorite stocking stuffers for adults and teens…

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Guys, Husbands, boyfriends, sons and teens


  1. A FUNNY TEE SHIRT. I love getting Michael something funny for Christmas. He gets a kick out of funny tee shirts like this. (This was my find from last year) Or, you can go with something soft and classic (no graphics) like this.
  2. STAIN REMOVER WIPES. These stain remover wipes were a big hit last year. Perfect for tucking into a desk or briefcase.
  3. TISSUES & SANITIZER for his work desk. A little pack of tissues (for the car, desk, pocket, etc.) and a little hand sanitizer never stop coming in handy, especially this time of year, during cold and flu season. (This one dries super fast and is less harsh on your skin)
  4. A YUMMY TREAT OR SNACK. I love looking for something nice or a little unexpected. Why not try gourmet beef jerky, like teriyaki jerky or these no-sugar beef sticks? If he’s not jerky fan, choose some chocolate-covered almonds with sea salt, trail mix packs to stash in his bag or desk, or a candy or soda from another country? I love looking through World Market for things like this!
  5. A NEW PHONE CASE. Whether you’re upgrading to a new phone this Christmas (lucky you!) or could just use a phone facelift, a new phone case is always a fun gift! Try something sleek and minimal, or something fun or funny.
  6. AN AUDIBLE MEMBERSHIP OR GIFT CARD. Turn the daily commute into something really enjoyable with an audible membership. (Get two free books with your trial account, and if you love it you can choose a membership level or opt for a gift-card to go a la carte.) This is the gift that keeps on giving for Michael. He loves getting to work through audiobooks at a faster pace (he still checks out audiobooks from the library, but can supplement with new-releases or books with a long waitlist).
  7. A SLIM WALLET. Say no to bulky back pockets with this slim wallet. It’s got a sleek minimalist design +RFID blocking tech built-in and all for about $12. Or go extra minimal with a money clip.
  8. A LITTLE MANLY PAMPERING. Maybe that’s a manly lotion for dry winter skin (this one smells amazing!!!) some manly bath soak or manly bubble bath. Just a little something for relaxation and pampering he-man style.
  9. A LITTLE SHAVE SET. Michael loves the Harry’s line of shave products–their razors, shave gel, and face wash are all great, and I love their commitment to quality and causes I support. You could also get a gift set or a subscription if you prefer!
  10. A BRAIN TEASER OR FIDGET TOY. This one is beautiful enough to sit out on a coffee table. This one is a fun challenge your kids might also enjoy! Or, if he just needs something to keep his hands busy on phone calls or watching tv, this little fidget toy is small to store (easily fits in a desk drawer) and is super fun!
  11. FAMILY BOOK OF CARD GAMES. Refresh yourself on the rules to familiar games and learn some new ones! Perfect for family game nights, date nights in, and more. (You can also toss in a fun deck of playing cards or a fast-paced card game!)
  12. SOMETHING TO MAKE HIM LAUGH. I’ll just leave this and this here…
  13. THE TRIANGLE GAME. The rules of this game seem simple, but it’s tougher than it looks! It’s a bit addicting till you figure it out!
  14. A HANDY WALLET-SIZE MULTI-TOOL. This cool little gadget is about the size of a credit card (so it fits in a pocket or wallet). Heads up: many reviews say it’s TSA-approved, but some say they’ve been told it needs to be checked. (It can act like 6 different hex wrenches, a can opener, letter opener, box opener, phone stand, eyeglasses tool, Phillips and flathead screwdriveer, fruit peeler, bottle opener, standard and metric ruler, and more!)
  15. AN INSTANT READ MEAT THERMOMETER. I’m going to just keep recommending this forever because it’s totally changed my kitchen game. Whether you’re learning to cook in the kitchen or are a grill master, a good instant read thermometer can guarantee perfectly cooked meats, breads, and more every time.


Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Guys, Husbands, boyfriends, sons and teens


  1. A NEW PHONE CASE. Not just for the boys! I’m not getting a new phone yet, but my old case is hammered. Rifle makes my favorites, like this cute floral, or these fun stripes.
  2. AN AWESOME (INEXPENSIVE!) PHONE CHARGER. If you’re always on the go, having a good portable charger can be such a life-saver! This one’s inexpensive, but works as well as our pricey one. I love it! (Pro tip: get a little cord so it’s easy to keep in your purse, too!)
  3. A GOOD NATURAL DEODORANT. This is the real deal, and it also comes in environmentally friendly packaging. I’m not what you’d call a light sweat-er, and I live on the surface of the sun, so I’ve done my research. It’s my favorite lately!
  4. TASSEL KEYCHAIN. I love these tassel keychains because they’re easy enough to find when you’re fishing around in your purse, but they also look pretty.
  5. AN AT-HOME PEDICURE GAME-CHANGER. I mentioned these in a faves post before, but this pedicure rasp makes at-home pedicures feel like the real thing. (Other great options: these files or a good, old-fashioned pumice stone!) Pair them with a peppermint foot mask (it’s AMAZING!!!) and a pretty polish
  6. GOURMET CHOCOLATE. Treat yo’self! This is your moment. Do it right. Splurge on the good chocolate and enjoy it later. In the pantry. When no one is looking. (It’s not just me who does that, right?) I LOVE these little chocolate gems lately. SO GOOD. (They’re even paleo + vegan + naturally sweetened!) I also dig anything from Endangered Species brand.
  7. SOME COMFY SLIPPERS! These Snoozies slippers make me so happy. I’ve bought them four years in a row, and while they’re a little silly, they always make me happy. Or, these slippers have a bit more structure.
  8. SCREEN CLEANER WIPES. Most phone screens are dirtier than a public toilet seat (gross!), so screen cleaners are always a good choice. These screen cleaning wipes are adorable and work really well.
  9. MASCARA PRIMER. I’m telling you, it. is. a. game. changer. My lashes have never looked longer than when I started layering lash primer under my mascara. This is the one I use most often (the mini is perfect for a stocking-stuffer!), but if you need a budget-friendly option for everyday, I love this natural primer + mascara combo. (I switch between these two options and love them both.)
  10. YOUR NEW KITCHEN BEST FRIEND. You might laugh at me for this, but these little kitchen knives are my favorite thing ever. At $8-10, they work better than much pricier brands and last ages (hand wash them!). You’ll love yourself for getting them every time you slice or dice anything.
  11. SOME CUTE NAIL POLISH. If you’ve seen my recipe videos, you know I wear the same nail polish combo almost all year long. I wear this polish in Rock The Runway (my signature color) and with this base coat and this top coat to help my at-home manicures last as long as possible.
  12. A JADE ROLLER. Maybe it’s all hype. Maybe it totally works. I’ll let you decide for yourself. All I know is, it feels soothing and I *really* feel like my morning puffiness (especially eyes!) goes way down after using this jade roller or this rose quartz roller on top of my moisturizers.
  13. A WET BRUSH. If it’s been a minute, I highly–highly–recommend replacing your brush with one of these Wet brushes. They’re designed *not* to pull hair, and work wonders for my long hair and my daughter’s curly hair. I also love this Dae brush that’s gentle on hair.
  14. PRETTY BARRETTES. Add a little glam to your everyday look or go big for a night out with a pretty barrette or these celestial bobby pins.
  15. MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANING MATS. Give your makeup brushes some regular TLC with these washable cleaning mats. You can toss them into the dishwasher to sanitize them, and they’re gentle on most brushes.
  16. A RING CLEANING PEN. I got myself one of these ring cleaning pens last year and LOVED how it made my ring sparkle! It’s so easy to use I’m cleaning my ring WAY more often!


What are your favorite stocking stuffers for the ladies and gents in your life?

I always love hearing new ideas! 


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