green-a colada popsicles (or smoothies) (gf, df, v, Paleo)

Part green smoothie, part pina colada, these greena colada popsicles are the perfect (healthy) sweet treat!
Green-A Colada Popsicles // One Lovely Life Green-A Colada Popsicles // One Lovely Life

Aren’t they a pretty green? I think so.

Sophie, as many toddlers (and adults) do, has some texture issues when it comes to vegetables. She also LOVES smoothies and popsicles. We have Smoothie Sundays at our house each week, and no matter what we put in them, she’ll drink them or eat them with a spoon. I freeze any leftover smoothie in popsicle molds, and I’ve found this is a perfect opportunity to help introduce her to new flavors and add in an extra dose or two of fruits & veggies into her day.

Green-A Colada Popsicles I One Lovely Life
These have a delicious pineapple-coconut flavor. Michael and Sophie both tasted (and LOVED) them, so it’s not just me. You really can’t taste the spinach. We froze this in popsicle molds, but it’s just as delicious as a smoothie. I pull these out of the freezer for a great, healthy snack or a guilt-free dessert. I love that Sophie feels like she’s getting a treat, and I know that she’s getting some good, healthy calories and vitamins.

One tip: I don’t have a Vitamix, so to get my smoothies super-smooth, I blend the spinach alone with the liquid for a while until it’s really smooth. Then, I add the other fruits and any remaining liquid needed, and I find that it’s just perfect.

p.s. These are popsicle molds like the ones below. This is our other favorite mold.

Green-A Colada Popsicles // One Lovely Life Green-A Colada Popsicles // One Lovely Life

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Green-A Colada Popsicles
Feel free to use all coconut milk if you like. I just like the citrus-y undertone the orange juice provides. This also makes great smoothies. Just skip the popsicle mold step and drink it plain!
Serves: about 6, depending on your size popsicle molds
  • 1½c frozen pineapple
  • 1½c frozen mango
  • 1c spinach leaves
  • ½c unsweetened coconut milk* (plus more, if needed)
  • ½c orange juice (plus more, if needed)
  1. Place the spinach leaves and coconut milk in the blender. Blend, scraping down the sides as necessary, until no large pieces remain. Add pineapple and mango. Add orange juice and blend until very smooth, adding more coconut milk or orange juice as needed.
  2. Pour mixture into popsicle molds and freeze 2-3 hours or until firm.
*I use coconut milk in a carton (Silk PureCoconut Unsweetened). If you prefer, you can use canned coconut milk, which will be thicker. You are NOT looking for sweetened cream of coconut (i.e. Coco Lopez).



  1. says

    These sound so yummy! My 2 year old won’t touch veggies, so this would be a perfect solution. And I love the tip about blending the spinach and liquid first! Thank you!

  2. Shelley says

    YUUMMMY! WE need to try these soon :) Also need to get some popsicle molds too, but until then I think Ill just use icecube trays… actually that might be better for Jackson anyways. He can never finish a full popsicle in time :)

    • says

      Elyse – I found mine in the dollar spot at Target last summer. They’re 4 to a container (I bought 2). Then I bought popsicle sticks in the craft section at Target.

  3. Emily says

    This recipe came out great! My blender died so I actually ended up using a food processor (I added another 1/4 cup of orange juice so it wasn’t as thick because I used a food processor). Thanks for the tip about blending the spinach and coconut milk, it made it taste so much better!!!

  4. Tanya says

    Earlier you posted a picture of Sophie eating a chocolate fudgesickle, would you be able to post a recipe for that. My 4-year old daughter loves chocolate fudge ice cream and I would like to be able to make it home. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes and beautiful pictures of your family.

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