The BEST Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter

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Ready to learn the BEST Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter? This is the easiest method of mixing the nut butter ever we’ve tried (and we’ve tried a lot!).

The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter

We eat a lot of peanut butter and nut butter at our house. It’s such an easy building block for a meal, snack, or treat, and is one of those staples we always seem to have on hand.

We like to use natural peanut butter (which contains JUST peanuts or just peanuts and salt), which tastes incredible, doesn’t have any added sugars, oils, or preservatives, and has a gorgeous texture that’s tough to beat.

It’s one downfall is that usually comes separated (the natural oils from the peanuts separate from the peanut solids), so you have to mix it before you can use it.

I’ve tried mixing my peanut butter and nut butter in LOTS of ways over the years…

  • Whisking
  • Dumping the whole thing out and using a spoon or fork
  • Immersion Blenders
  • Stand Mixers

and NONE of these methods was as easy as I hoped it would be. Several methods (like blenders + stand mixers) also required a lot of time washing dishes.

So, what’s the best way to mix natural peanut butter? It’s easy and only involves washing ONE utensil…

The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter
The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter


In my tests (whisking, spoons, forks, immersion blenders, stand mixers, etc.) nothing did as thorough a job or used fewer dishes than using a HAND MIXER with ONE BEATER ATTACHMENT. 

I LOVE this method because there’s just ONE dish to wash (the beater, which I can rinse + toss in my dishwasher!), it goes pretty quickly, and it keeps the peanut butter mixed longer than most other methods I’ve tried.

It’s EASY to do, and I’ll walk you through every step…

The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter
The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter


If this is your first time mixing peanut butter this way, you may appreciate having someone else hold the jar while you carefully do the mixing. Otherwise, just go slow and hold on tight! 

ALSO: Every hand mixer has different speed settings. I’m using this hand mixer on the lowest setting. I recommend testing how fast your mixer goes on the lowest setting before you insert it into the peanut butter. 

  1. Insert one beater into a hand mixer. (I LOVE this one!)
  2. Open the peanut butter (or nut butter)
  3. Without turning it on, insert the beater into the peanut butter and press it all the way down to the bottom. Bring it up and down a few times to start loosening up the peanut butter.
  4. Press the beater all the way down to the bottom and hold the jar tightly in one hand. (This can be easier if you have another person to hold the jar while one person mixes. If you don’t have a strong grip, I recommend having a partner hold the jar for you.)
  5. While holding the jar with one hand, use the other hand to carefully start the hand mixer on the LOWEST setting.
  6. Gently move the beater around the bottom of the jar.
  7. When you feel the peanut butter loosening up, you can carefully start to lift the beater a little at a time to incorporate the peanut butter in the center of the jar.
  8. Turn off the hand mixer and carefully stir the peanut butter to see if it’s all blended.
  9. Continue mixing if needed, then cover with the lid and enjoy!
The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter


If it’s a low-carb treat you’re after, this Keto Peanut Butter Fudge might be a great way to go!

The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter



  • LOOSEN IT UP BEFORE YOU TURN ON THE MIXER. I usually pump the beater (turned off!) up and down in the peanut butter a few times before blending so it loosens up a bit before I turn the mixer on.
  • START AT THE BOTTOM. Make sure the beater is all the way at the bottom of the jar before turning it on. This will minimize splatters and spills.
  • USE THE LOWEST SETTING ON THE MIXER. You won’t need anything higher. Just be patient and go slow to prevent the jar from spinning away from you or peanut butter splattering everywhere.
  • HOLD ON TIGHT TO THE JAR OR TAG TEAM. It’s easiest to blend this way if you have one person holding the jar and one person mixing, but (as you’ll see in the video) you can absolutely do it yourself. Just make sure you’ve got a firm grip on the jar before you get started.

DOES THIS METHOD WORK FOR OTHER KINDS OF NUT OR SEED BUTTER? In my experience, yes! I’ve done this with peanut, almond, and cashew butter. If you’re using an especially thick seed butter or a mixed nut/seed butter, you may need to adapt your technique.

DOES THE PEANUT BUTTER STAY MIXED THIS WAY? It depends on how fast you go through your peanut butter. If you’ll get through it in a week or two, it will probably stay mixed or pretty well mixed.

TRY MAKING YOUR OWN! You can even use this method with homemade peanut butter! It’s simple to make and only requires 1 ingredient. (So easy!)

The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter


The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter
The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter
The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter


  1. Thank you for this suggestion … I never thought of that. We only use natural peanut butter as well, and I dread the drudgery of stirring it. So yay!!

    1. I’m glad that works for you! I haven’t notice a difference when I’ve stored mine upside down, but I know a lot of folks find this helps them!

  2. This is BRILLIANT. I’ve tried many methods, including turning the jar upside down (for days!), shaking, stirring with various implements, et cetera. After stirring the last jar my hand hurt for days. I set the jar on a piece of rubber shelf liner that I use for opening things and barely had to hold the jar at all. So happy I found this site – thank you!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is genius! Why didn’t I think of this years ago? I love my Kitchen Aid hand mixer too. It made such quick easy work of doing a task that I have always dreaded. Not any more! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome idea. You are my new best friend! ☺️

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