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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids – Make the first moment of Christmas a magical one with these stocking stuffer ideas for kids! (Check out this post for ideas for the men in your life or ideas for you!)  

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids - Make the first moment of Christmas magical with some fun, thoughtful, creative, stocking stuffers!

Stocking stuffers are my favorite. This was my most popular holiday gift guide from last year, and I’ve been so excited to follow it up with another this year! Milo and Sophie are still pretty young, so some of these ideas are better for the under 7 crowd than than the 10-11 year old crowd, but a lot of them are just fun or useful no matter what the age! Let’s jump in!

1. Slippers or cozy socks. We have tile in all the high-traffic rooms of our house, so in the winter, our feet are COLD! Fun slippers make both my kids really happy, but we’ve also done a fun pair of socks (colorful, or extra fuzzy, or a fun print) with great success.

2. Cold Weather Essentials. On that note, cozy up with some new gloves, a hat, or some earmuffs. These are always a big hit at our house, even if our “freezing cold” winter is warmer than basically everyone else’s in the country.

3. Flashlight or book light. I don’t know a tiny person who doesn’t love at least playing with a kid-friendly flashlight! Have a night-time reader? A clip-on book light can be just the thing.

4. Bath fizzies, bubble bath, or bath bombs. I haven’t had great luck with things like bath crayons, but my kids both LOVE using bubble bath and bath bombs! We love these because they smell great. Sophie loves the blue ones because they turn the water blue, but the purple and green ones are my two favorites for scent. As for bubble bath, we LOVE this kind and this kind.

5. Something to keep you busy. Think bubbles, a jump rope, neon sidewalk chalk, or a small LEGO build. Admittedly, this might be much more fun when you’re little, but even something classic like a set of jacks can be really great when you’re stuck inside during the cold months!

6. A wet brush. If I haven’t already sold you on these in the past, let me do so now. They will change your life. If you’ve got someone with a sensitive head, a little spritz of detangler and this brush will help MAJORLY cut down on the tears during hair brushing. It’s the ONLY thing that’s worked for Sophie (who has major sensory issues), and I use one because I love them so much. My hairstylist recommends them to all her clients, too!

7. A new toothbrush and toothpaste. My mom always included one of these in our stockings, and even though it was a completely practical item (and I can’t ever recalling getting one with a character or anything on it), I LOVED getting a new toothbrush. My kids have been similarly delighted every Christmas at getting their own toothpaste.

8. A small game. Some of our current favorites this year are UNO, Sleeping Queens, and Crazy 8’s. I got Sophie Old Maid this year and I’m excited to see what she thinks! (You can also check your Target dollar spot since these are often around this time of year for $1-3 each.)

9. Reusable straws. My kids LOVE drinking with a straw, but I hate the waste of throwing away 100s of plastic straws. I got them each a smoothie cup this summer, which would be a great stocking stuffer, but we also love reusable straws. They’re dishwasher safe, and really easy to clean. I give them a quick rinse when they’re done with their drinks, but if I forget, I can soak them in a cup of warm water for a few minutes and rinse them out without any trouble. They also come with a cleaning brush you can use for anything that gets stuck (I’ve never needed to use mine). Or, for something shorter term, you could pick some in fun colors or some fun twirly straws.

10. Something creative. We love model magic (a GF play-dough), but a new pack of crayons, a fresh pair of scissors, or a $.99 palette of watercolors all make great little gifts.

11. Band-aids or stickers. At my kids’ ages, bandaids and stickers are basically the same. (You, too?)

12. A treat! We are huge fans of chocolate covered almonds, so these little snack bags (I find them for a good price at HomeGoods, or Albertson’s and Walmart near the produce and nuts) are perfect. Fruit leather is also a big hit at our house, and another favorite is Vitamin C lollipops. They’re organic, dye free, and perfect for colds, coughs, and sore throats.

What are your favorite stocking stuffers for kids? 

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  1. I got a wet brush for Macey’s stocking and I’ve almost got it out a million times. I can’t wait to get over that fight! I might not wait until Christmas… I hear it’s going to change my life!

  2. I’m loving all of your ideas, Emily! Along the same lines as a flashlight, I’m getting my boys headlamps this year, which I’m totally excited about.

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