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More Kids’ Stocking Stuffers

More Kids’ Stocking Stuffers – These stocking stuffers for kids are such a fun way to start Christmas morning. Fun gadgets, STEM activities, active toys, art, and more!

20+ Stocking Stuffers for Kids - These kids stocking stuffers are such a fun way to start Christmas morning!

Stocking Stuffers are my FAVORITE part of gift-giving. It’s always so fun to find little somethings that will be that first taste of Christmas morning. I’ve written about these the last several years (see this post and this post for more ideas), but here are a few fun things to consider for kids’ stocking stuffers this year…

1. MOON TORCH. My kids LOVE flashlights and book lights, so I think they’re going to adore this little moon torch that projects an image of the moon. Fun for storytelling, winding down before bed, and all kinds of games.

2. BINOCULARS. Little explorers will love these binoculars! Whether you take them on a nature walk or bike ride, or simply play explorer in the house, these are endless fun. (Plus, the butterfly ones are so cute!)

3. A SKIP BALL. Kind of like the retro “Skip-its” these little skip balls are a little more resilient and flexible. Plus they’re fun! (This one even lights up!)

4. CAT’S CRADLE/CHINESE JUMP ROPE. We LOVED playing Cat’s Cradle when I was little. There are ways to play with your hands and ways to play with your feet. We love them all!

5. CHALKIES “MARKERS.” These little chalk markers look just like Sharpies! I love that they provide a little more control than the bulky thick chalk sticks tend to, which makes them fun for details and writing. Plus, unlike real Sharpies, they’re washable! (Also fun: this sidewalk chalk spray!)

6. A STEM PROJECT. There are so many fun mini-experiments and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) projects out there these days. Why not try these little rocket copters, crystal growing, molecule (water bead) experiments, or a volcano?

7. HEADPHONES. These have been our go-to kids’ headphones for the last year. They’re great for car trips, audiobooks or podcasts, screen time, etc.

8. ROAT TAPE. This road tape was a HUGE hit with Milo last year. It’s as sticky as painter’s tape (which means it won’t damage walls or floors), and you can build your own little racetrack, route, or city. I’m already planning to get more this year. It always keeps them happy and busy for a while.

9. LEGO TAPE. If that’s not your jam, this LEGO tape is going in our stockings this year. You can create a base or use it for all sorts of LEGO-inspired creativity. I think the kids are going to LOVE it!

10. MINI ORIGAMI KIT. This little mini origami kit is a fun project you could do on a cold afternoon or a sick day. I love that it comes with lots of easy tutorials! Also digging this fairy crown kit.

20+ Stocking Stuffers for Kids - These kids stocking stuffers are such a fun way to start Christmas morning!

11. LEGO INSPIRATION. Another big hit for LEGO lovers is this 20 Cool Projects for LEGO Bricks pack. Lots of ideas to get your wheels turning (and a fun challenge if you’re a beginner…or a mom whose kids want to play LEGOS).

12. FIDGET SPINNER. I know. Every parent is over them. But if our elementary school is any indication, fidget spinners are still VERY much going strong in the school-age crowd.

13. FAMILY BOOK OF BOARD GAMES. This isn’t stocking-sized, but this family book of card games was one of the most popular gifts our family got (from me) last year. We put it next to the stocking and gave a little pack of cards to go with it. There are a ton of classic game instructions in there (Go Fish, Old Maid), but there are also a lot of others you may or may not have heard of.

We’ve got a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old and have found plenty of options for our ages, and I’m looking forward to everyone getting a little bigger so we can try some of the trickier games. It’s a great way to shake things up.

14. A SMALL CARD GAME. UNO and Sleeping Queens are two of our favorites, but we also LOVE the game Disney Eye Found It. It’s an I-Spy game easy enough for really little kids and quick enough not to get everyone crabby.

15. HEADLAMP. If the moon torch doesn’t seem practical, your little reader might love a head lamp. Perfect for reading and hide and seek!

16. GEL PENS. Glittery gel pens are always a hit, but the classics are hard to beat! You can also tuck in things like glue sticks, kid-friendly scissors, stickers, etc.

17. UMBRELLA. This would be another that you’d likely put next to a stocking rather than in it, but an umbrella was the single most popular birthday gift at our house this year! Having your own umbrella feels special and fun! Try these animal ones.

18. KIDS’ NAIL STICKERS. These nail stickers last a little better than polish on tiny hands. Plus, they’re adorable!

19. REUSABLE SNACK BAGS. My kids have food intolerances, so we ALWAYS have to pack our own snacks. My kids love these little reusable snack bags. They’re easy to clean, last a LONG time and feel a little more special when packed along to parks, play dates, and school.

20. VITAMIN C LOLLIPOPS. I mentioned these last year, but I really think they’re worth a second mention. With cold & flu season, these vitamin C lollipops are a HUGE hit at my house. My kids will NOT take cough drops, but they WILL happily suck on a vitamin C lollipop when they have a cough or sore throat. It’s definitely still a treat, but it’s nice to know you’re getting a little extra vitamin C while you’re at it. You might also like these Zollipops which help clean your mouth (really) while you suck on them.

What are YOU getting for kids’ stocking stuffers this year?
You always have the best ideas!

PS – Still need more ideas?

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  1. Thumb Chucks? I think it’s a little like a fidget spinner but with a little more skill. Maybe your little ninja will enjoy it!

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