5 Menus for Date Night In (Gluten Free, Paleo & Vegan Options!)

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5 Menus for Date Night In – What to make when you’re doing date night in. From take-out “fake-out”, to breakfast for dinner, and lots of things in between, there are so many ways to make date night in GREAT!

Healthy Recipe Ideas for Date Night In - 5 AWESOME Menus for Date Night at Home! (Paleo, gluten free, and vegan options!)

I don’t think in all our years together that Michael and I have ever gone out on Valentine’s Day for dinner. At first, we were college students on a TIGHT budget, so dinner out was still kind of an extravagance. Then, we had babies, and finding a babysitter and making all the arrangements was exhausting and felt easier to make something special at home. Now that our kids are bigger (and even though we have a fantastic babysitter!), we still prefer to do date night in for Valentine’s Day.

Our kids think it’s special, and I love that we don’t have to fight a crowd. So whether your budget is tight, or there’s no babysitter to be found, or you’re just looking for something to make dinner feel special, here are 5 of my favorite menus for a great date night in.

Healthy Recipes for Date Night In - Skip your favorite Take-out place and make these take out "fake out" recipes at home! (Gluten free & Paleo options)

1. Take-Out Fakeout.

I love takeout, but finding great gluten and dairy free options is tricky, and we almost always just make it ourselves.



Healthy Recipes for Date Night In! This homemade Mexican (Tex Mex) food is almost as good as going out! (Gluten free, vegan, and paleo options!)

2. Tex Mex

Even if they’re not totally authentic, but these are some of our family’s favorite Tex-Mex options for date night in!


Entrees & Sides:

Healthy Recipes for Date Night In - Skip the steakhouse and make these homestyle classics at home. From steak salad to salmon, with lots of salads and sides! (Gluten free & Paleo options)

3. Homestyle/Steakhouse

It might not be *quite* a steakhouse, but these homestyle recipes will be perfect for your meat and potatoes lover! Light some candles and enjoy some comfort food. 


Side Dishes:

Healthy Recipes for Date Night In - Pasta night and Italian favorites made at home! (Gluten free, paleo, and vegan options)

4. Italian

Maybe you’re just craving pasta, maybe it’s all about the meatballs. Pull out a checkered tablecloth and put on some cheesy music. These options are ready in no time!

Entrees and Sides:

Healthy Recipes for Date Night In - Breakfast for dinner is on the menu! (Gluten free, paleo, and vegan options)

5. Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner was always a family favorite in my home growing up. From waffles to French toast to egg bakes, hash browns, and more, there’s always something to love. My own family loves breakfast for dinner. We often change into our jammies early and pop on a movie or cuddle up with a blanket picnic on the floor with some soft music.

Breakfast Faves:

What’s your favorite way to make date night at home special? Any favorite foods to make? 





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