My Favorite Guilt-Free Treats

5 Favorite Guilt Free Treats - Great ways to "treat yo'self" without throwing your goals out the window.

I’ve been deep into Gretchin Rubin’s Happier podcast lately, and she said something in one of the more recent episodes that really stuck out to me: Treat Yo’Self but Don’t Say YOLO.

The idea of “Treat Yo’Self” is from Parks & Recreation. Every year Tom and Donna have a “Treat Yo’Self” day where they treat themselves to fun things for no other reason than fun. On the other hand, the idea of YOLO (you only live once) is that you should just do everything right now because it’s your only chance (aka do what you want and hang the consequences).

There are certainly merits to both ideas, but the one that resonates with me most is the “treat yo’self” mindset. At the farmer’s market and the cotton candy vendor has new flavors out? Treat yo’self. Your sister is in town and you want to splurge on pedicures for two? Treat yo’self. Going on vacation to Italy and want to try gelato at every stop? Treat yo’self. Savor and enjoy they treat, then fall back into your mindful habits, whether they be health-realted, work-related, financial, etc.

The health implications and the impact on building good habits are really big here. If you have a sense of pleasure and guilt-free enjoyment with the “treat yo’self” mindset–just for fun–you feel happy and rewarded and special without throwing the rest of your habits off. If you act with the YOLO mindset, you can easily end up in a no-holds-barred free-for-all that can send your goals spiraling out the window in no time.

The holiday season is here(!) with Thanksgiving this week and Christmas coming up soon after. It’s a season of celebrating abundance of family and happiness, but it’s so easy to also get trapped in a season of YOLO indulgence, which can really throw off your health. When I’m trying to think of ways to enjoy a treat or reward without throwing my other goals out the window, these are a few of my favorite ways to treat myself…


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