Five Fact Friday: Thankful Edition

Every Friday in November, we’re focusing our weekly five facts on things we’re grateful for. Join in and share the love!

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life

1. Sticks, rocks, and dirt. Never thought I’d say that, but Milo loves them with all his heart, and I love him with all my heart. So here we are. It’s fascinating to me that a few sticks and rocks can keep this boy busy for ages.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life

2. TV shows. Yes, I know. TV shows? Really? Well, really. Sometimes they help get dinner on the table or get us through a rough day. And I’m grateful for our favorites–Daniel Tiger, Little Bear, and Kipper.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life

3. Miracles. If the path my life has taken has taught me anything, it’s that I believe in miracles. Big or small, life changing or moment saving, I believe that miracles are all around us. Sometimes, it’s the baby finally falling asleep. Sometimes it’s a day with beautiful weather. Sometimes it’s someone returning your grocery cart to the return stall for you. Miracles are real and they’re all around us all the time. It’s my openness to them that makes them visible. One of my ongoing goals is to be more open to the goodness around me.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life

4. I’m thankful for all those special souls who decide to work in medicine, therapy, and teaching. It takes a special heart to do this kind of work. We’ve been so blessed to work with outstanding therapists, kind doctors, and amazing (truly incredible) teachers. It takes so much time, energy, and patience to do this kind of work. It’s been some of the most meaningful and life-changing work for our family, and I’m thankful for our amazing team and support system.

Five Fact Friday // One Lovely Life

5. This is going to be a long one. I’m grateful for moments when Sophie is included. Her cousins did such a wonderful job of being patient and kind to her when she didn’t quite understand the rules to “Red Rover” and couldn’t quite say the proper words for “Duck Duck Goose.”

There are so many moments when I watch her approach typical kids and my heart stops. I fight to stand back and let her be brave by herself when every part of me wants to intervene or mediate. My breath catches in my chest, and I silently pray “please, please, please.” My heart breaks those times when other kids can’t understand her and walk away, or ignore her when she doesn’t quite get the rules of a game or tell her to leave when she doesn’t know what to do. I think I’m always hurt more than she is. She usually just runs back to me, and we press on trying to come up with something else fun to do, and I put on my bravest, happiest face.

This week, I watched her walk over to join in the games her cousins were playing. My heart stopped a bit, and my breath caught, and I thought “please, please, please.” And no one batted an eye. Her cousins happily let her join in, gave her extra turns and understanding when she messed up a bit. I nearly cried watching her happy face as she played. She’s safe. She’s loved.

And (other than loving them yourself) there is nothing better than watching your child be loved. I’m thankful for all the people who love my children. Who are kind when others might not be. Who are patient long past what is easy. Who give extra turns and second chances and encouragement.

Happy Friday, dear reader. Wishing you every good thing!

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